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In this course, you will be introduced to biochemistry, which is the study of the chemical processes which take place in living cells.

People are sometimes deterred from studying this subject by the thought of the chemistry and physics on which it is based. This course aims to show that it is quite possible to achieve an understanding of some of the fundamental concepts of biochemistry without building on a basis of pure science.

The approach will be practice related, with an emphasis on selected areas of the subject which can help to improve understanding of the provision of care to patients and clients. No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed.


1: The Cell as a Small Business

  • Fit for its purpose
  • Design and manufacture

2: Cellular Machine Tools

  • Blueprints from the nucleus
  • The ribosomes – workstations for protein manufacture
  • Assembling the raw materials
  • Problems in protein manufacture

3: The Cellular Machinery

  • The nature of proteins
  • Enzymes
  • Faulty machinery

4: Importing Raw Materials

  • Food as raw materials
  • Taking apart and rebuilding
  • The route to the factory
  • The factory gates

5: The Power Supply

  • The need for energy
  • The fuel supply
  • Mitochondria – cellular ‘power stations’

6: Packaging and Transport

  • A second look at protein manufacture
  • Packaging and sorting proteins
  • Exporting proteins

7: Quality Control

  • Keeping control of a small business
  • Methods of controlling cellular activity
  • Hormones as external controllers
    Integrating all the cell’s activities



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  • English (US)
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