Diploma in architectural rehabilitation


Program Description

  • DATES: Free and Customized. Recommendation: 2.5 months (15 December - 28 February).
  • MODALITY: ONLINE. (With possibility of optional face-to-face tutorials).
  • CREDITS: 15
  • PRICE: € 1,125.

Specific topics of rehabilitation will be developed, the student will learn the appropriate technical terminology, however, being very personalized teaching each student will mark his own level.

We think that a specific module on rehabilitation is necessary to understand urban regeneration in its entirety by applying the new technologies for the improvement of habitability, accessibility, for a safe, healthy and accessible environment.

  • Knowledge of the Building of the XX century
  • Procedures in Architectural Rehabilitation
  • Renovation of the building of the 20th century
  • Energy rehabilitation
  • Procedures in Architectural Restoration.


Diploma of University Extension in Architectural Rehabilitation. Enable as Architectural Rehabilitation Expert.

Last updated September 2017

About the School

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