Digital Marketing Professional Diploma ONLINE DMI Pro- Guided


Program Description

Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

This comprehensive digital marketing course, delivered 100% online, teaches key digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. Learn Google Ads, social media marketing and SEO, Google Analytics, mobile marketing and much more.

Who is the DMI Pro for?

  • Traditional Marketers or Marketing Executives who want to play a bigger, sharper game
  • Marketing Managers and Senior Management
  • Graduates with no plans to wait around
  • Small Business Owners who want to grow
  • Career Changers
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial
  • Whoever needs to create and apply a digital marketing strategy for their organisation

Professional Certification recognized globally

30+ Hours of Video Lectures

  • Study the 10 modules of the DMI Pro at your own pace by viewing pre-recorded lectures online through our virtual learning environment.

12 Months Membership

  • DMI membership delivers just-in-time training and continuous professional development, and an exclusive and evolving content library that can be used in your daily work.


  • The DMI Pro is recognised as the industry standard in Digital Marketing certification. It is also approved and accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and  comparable to Level 5 on the European Qualifications Framework


  • Assessment is based on a formal computer-based exam that will measure your Digital Marketing knowledge and proficiency following completion of the course. Candidates must pass a 3-hour exam at a Pearson VUE test centre that can be taken at over 5200 centres in 180 countries worldwide. 

Three great ways to study Digital Marketing

The Global Standard

Whether you’re a beginner, business owner or marketing professional in the UK looking to upskill, as an industry-leading and world recognised certification, the DMI Pro is the perfect route into digital marketing. 

Total Support

Our Team is ready to support you with any questions you have about the course, your learning progress and the online learning platform. If you sign up to the DMI Pro Guided, you will also have access to a personal tutor for the duration of your course.

Forever Connected

All students get access to our online learning platform and can meet other students on the same course via our social networking features. You will be able to join discussions or ask questions of your fell students, making a global professional network.

Digital Marketing - DMI Pro Guided

This comprehensive digital marketing course teaches key digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. Guided by industry experts, the course includes 10 hours of lectures and seminars.

6 months online access to DMI Pro course

Blend of video lectures, interactive tests and case studies. Study at your own pace, and have all the course content at your disposal.

Personal Tutor

Studying online on your own can be tough. The DMI Pro Guided course gives you access to your own personal tutor, who you can contact for any academic issues you may have during the course. 

Live Review Lectures

Every week our professional digital marketing lecturers will hold a Live Review Lecture, where they will relate the module content to real-life case studies, giving expert tips and tricks to boost your knowledge.  


Students will have regular one to one tutorials throughout the course where you connect with a lecturer who will answer specific questions about the module you are studying, drilling down into some of the more difficult to understand parts of the course.  

Course Contents

01 Introduction to Digital Marketing

How is digital marketing defined in the current market? What’s the best way to get in front of potential customers? How can you create a campaign that combines the best of traditional and digital marketing? How do you distinguish from inbound and outbound marketing? In this module, you’ll master the fundamentals. You will learn how to navigate the buyer’s journey. And you will acquire actionable, practical information.

02 Content Marketing

Digital media is fascinating and powerful because it’s super person-orientated, yet also data-driven – you get to engage with how people think and also see how and what they do. This module is about creating content that speaks to people, but also about sending it out into the big wide digital world at the right time and via the right channels. Best of all, you get the superpower ability to see what works.

03 Social Media Marketing

It’s not just social media marketing, it’s a big warm pleasurable social media experience for your audience. Your brand needs to ring loud and clear through all the right platforms and we’re going to show you how. Learn how to grow and engage a community around your offering. Give these people more to care about. Reach further with paid marketing and get deeper insights.

04 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You must be found. Which means you must make yourself found. Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting on that first Google page, staying top of the list and top of mind. Learn the tricks of the trade such as keywords, what kind of content attracts, how to create more engagement and the magical art of conversion. There is so much to ‘like’.

05 Paid Search (PPC) with Google Ads

Pay-Per-Click campaigns using Google Ads, bid auctions, how to squeeze every drop of value out of paid search campaigns, the tracking of successful conversions, Google Analytics and more – this is turbo-charged marketing practice with pinpoint precision.

06 Display and Video Advertising

YouTube. Because we have eyes to see. Learn how to set up, manage, analyse and optimise a channel worthy of many viewings. Also, release the sales power of Google Display Network and more. Visual is where it’s at.

07 Email Marketing

Are email lists still relevant? Oh yes. An email is post sent to your virtual home address so it’s important - but needs to be done properly to make sure that email gets opened and starts your target on a click-through journey of discovery. Also, see how it can all be automated for max efficiency and let’s not forget the all-important regulatory stuff.

08 Website Optimization

What makes a winning website? This module gives you the skills to create a simple, well-designed, optimised WordPress site that not only looks good but also delivers for your business – goals and solutions stay lined up, nice and clear. Also, let’s get user-centric with best practice UX and go deep with data; activity tracking means insight - and insight is power.

09 Analytics with Google Analytics

Be all-seeing, all-knowing. This module helps you unleash the awesome capability of data. Discover what your customer wants, likes, needs and does. Go deep inside their journey so you can perfect their seamless path to purchase and beyond. This is not just great power, it is a superpower. (And we also cover the legal stuff because with that thrilling, addictive power comes responsibility).

10 Digital Marketing Strategy

We give you capability, influence, reach, data, insight and tools, tools and more tools. But you still need solid objectives, otherwise, you are drunk on power, driving a high-performance sports car round and round in circles on your way to the supermarket. That’s why we tie it all together with a Strategy module. Have a big and clear vision of where you really want to go and make it actionable with the budget, channel and media plans, Key Performance Indicators and more.

Last updated May 2020

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