Why Learn Digital Marketing?

The marketing paradigm has transformed with the rise of digital technologies. Companies today face a constant proliferation of social media channels, the growing power of connected customers, and an explosion of new digital tools. To succeed, marketers must be able to plan, implement, and measure the impact of digital strategies that are suited to today's customers and integrated with their traditional marketing and business goals.

  • 25% Of the world economy will be digital by 2020.
  • 40% Year-on-year growth for digital marketing industry compared to 5-6% growth in other industries
  • 5Mn Net loss of jobs by 2020 due to emerging technologies.

Your Learning Journey

  • Module 1: From Mass Marketing To Customer Networks
  • Module 2: The Digital Advertising Mix: Key Channels And Principles
  • Module 3: Five Core Behaviors Of Customers In The Digital World
  • Module 4: Access Strategy
  • Module 5: Engage Strategy: Content Marketing, Utility, Messaging, and Brands as Publishers
  • Module 6: Customize Strategy: Targeting, Personalization, and Marketing to a Segment of One
  • Module 7: Connect Strategy: Social Media, Communities and the Power of Conversation
  • Module 8: Collaborate Strategy: Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, and Open Platforms
  • Module 9: Lessons From Brand Failures
  • Module 10: Best Practices for Brands on Social Networks
  • Module 11: Making Digital Matter: Metrics, ROI and Agile Modelling
  • Module 12: Five-Step Process of Planning and Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Module 13: Organizational Challenges of Digital Marketing
  • Module 14: Six Faces of the (Near) Future of Digital Marketing

The course includes live Q&A with David Rogers, Faculty of Executive Education, Columbia Business School


David Rogers

Faculty at Columbia Business School

David Rogers, a member of the faculty at Columbia Business School, is a globally-recognized leader on brands and digital business strategy, known for his pioneering model of customer networks. He is the author of four books, including "The Network Is Your Customer," and the forthcoming, "The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink Your Business to Adapt and Thrive in the Digital Age."

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by EMERITUS, in collaboration with Columbia Business School Executive Education.

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Last updated April 10, 2019
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Start Date
June 25, 2019
3 months
1,400 USD
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June 22, 2019
Application Deadline - 3 days prior to course start date.
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Start Date
June 25, 2019
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Application deadline
June 22, 2019
Application Deadline - 3 days prior to course start date.

June 25, 2019

Application deadline
June 22, 2019
Application Deadline - 3 days prior to course start date.
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