Degree in business administration and management - online


Program Description

General information

  • Faculty : Juridical and Company Sciences
  • Modality : online
  • Language : English
  • Duration : 4 courses
  • ECTS : 240

Student profile

The Degree in Business Administration and Management at UCAM is aimed at those students who are receptive to a personal and integral formation that show an interest in the economic, organizational and social aspects of the company, at an international level, since this is a generator of change and Social progress.

The student interested in attending the Degree in ADE, therefore, must:

  • Expand your general culture and the economic and social environment.
  • Optimize your oral and written expression in several languages, at least Spanish and English.
  • Serve the community with a high ethical sense in their professional practice.
  • Know the company and its problems.
  • Relate to people and work as a team, integrating easily.
  • Be proactive and independent.
  • Possess an open mind for mobility and the acquisition of new experiences.
  • Have the analytical capacity that requires the resolution of social and economic problems.


UCAM, one of the universities where you study administration and management of online companies, offers you a grade of character General and transversal Which enables you to develop business projects from a Broad and innovative perspective. You will be a Multipurpose professional And you will have a current training and adapted to the labor demand. In addition, when studying ADE at a distance you will have a personal tutor who will help you in what you need.

Career prospects

The profiles provided by the Degree in ADE cover with quite fidelity the profiles of private demand, as well as public demand, there being a fairly broad field of professional assignments or profiles that can be developed by graduates in company. The training that the student acquires with the Degree in Business Administration and Management of UCAM enables him to occupy management positions in the professional field, but also allows him to prepare his own business project as an entrepreneur.

Therefore, the graduates in ADE by the UCAM could have, among others, the following professional exits:

  • Creating your own company.
  • National, regional and local public sector, as well as international organizations, with access through competitions.
  • Teaching: Teacher in secondary and high school education centers, vocational training centers or university centers.
  • Investigation.
  • Free exercise: audit of accounts. Consultant, financial, commercial, wealth management ...
  • Private company: production, human resources, administration, accounting or marketing department ...
  • Emerging areas.
  • Access to master's and doctoral studies


First course

  • (BSC) Foundations of Business Economics (6)
  • (BSC) Mathematics for Business I (6)
  • (BSC) Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (4.5)
  • (BSC) Microeconomics I (4,5)
  • (OBL) Financial Mathematics (4.5)
  • (OBL) Theology I (3)
  • (BSC) Civil Law (4,5)
  • (BSC) Financial Accounting (6)
  • (BSC) Microeconomics II (6)
  • (BSC) Mathematics for Business II (6)
  • (OBL) Commercial Law I (6)
  • (OBL) Fundamental Ethics (3)

Second course

  • (BSC) Fundamentals of Statistics (6)
  • (BSC) Business Economics (6)
  • (BSC) Macroeconomics I (4,5)
  • (OBL) Labor Law I (4,5)
  • (OBL) World Economy (4.5)
  • (OBL) Corporate Accounting (4.5)
  • (OBL) Humanities (3)
  • (BSC) Statistics Applied to the Company (6)
  • (BSC) Macroeconomics II (6)
  • (OBL) Financial and Tax Law I (6)
  • (OBL) Accounting for Companies and Analysis of Financial Statements (6)
  • (OBL) Theology II (3)

Third course

  • (OBL) Financial Management I (6)
  • (OBL) Econometrics (6)
  • (OBL) Marketing (6)
  • (OBL) Cost Accounting (4,5)
  • (OBL) Human Resources Management (4,5)
  • (OBL) Social Doctrine of the Church (3)
  • (OBL) Spanish Economy (4.5)
  • (OBL) Financial Management II (6)
  • (OBL) Business Address (6)
  • (OBL) Operations Management (4,5)
  • (OPT) Optional I (4,5)
  • (OPT) Optional II (4.5)

Fourth grade

  • (OBL) Strategic Direction and Company Policy I (6)
  • (OBL) Financial System (6)
  • (OBL) Market Research (4.5)
  • (PE) Practicum (6)
  • (GFR) Final Grade Work (6)
  • (OBL) Business English (4.5)
  • (OBL) Direction in Communication and Management Skills (4,5)
  • (OBL) Strategic Direction and Company Policy II (4,5)
  • (OBL) Applied Ethics and Bioethics (3)
  • (OPT) Optional III (4,5)
  • (OPT) Optional IV (4.5)
  • (OP) Optional V (6)


  • (OP) European Community Law (6)
  • (OP) Consumer Behavior (4.5)
  • (OP) Financial and Tax Law II (4,5)
  • (OP) Environmental Economics and Management (4.5)
  • (OP) Audit (4.5)
  • (OP) Financial Analysis (4.5)
  • (OP) Business Information System (4,5)
  • (OP) Quality and Innovation Management (4,5)
  • (OP) Commercial Law II (4.5)
  • (OP) Labor Law II (4,5)
  • (OP) International Trade (4,5)


The University has Different practice agreements, Both national and international, for the Degree in Business Administration and Management at a distance. This helps the student to have a complete training and achieve their work goals.

Entry Requirements

Bachiller LOGSE with selectivity, training cycles of higher grade or FP 2nd degree, access test for over 25 years, access for over 40 years with professional experience, university degree and own access tests.


Ignacio Tito Jurado, Student Degree in Business Administration and Management. "I recommend the Degree in ADE of the UCAM so much For the versatility of technical know-how That are acquired in it, as by the Practical approach what's wrong with it And the human relationships that are established between the teaching staff and the students. "

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La Universidad Católica San Antonio - UCAM, como universidad católica, se caracteriza por ofrecer a sus alumnos una formación integral, basada en los conocimientos teóricos y técnicos específicos de cada titulación más la formación humana anclada en los principios del humanismo cristiano, a esta labor se dedican un claustro docente de reconocido prestigio y un equipo de tutores personales, Read less
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