Degree In Advertising And Public Relations

Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes UEMC - Online

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Degree In Advertising And Public Relations

Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes UEMC - Online

The Degree in Advertising and Public Relations Online Is focused on the development of creative strategies and innovative communicative styles. We provide the necessary tools and knowledge for the creation of advertising strategies, techniques of expression, media planning and everything related to design and production advertising in any type of organization.

We propose a training that can adapt to your personal circumstances and workloads. Study distance advertising and learn how to design and organize events, communication campaigns, creatives that increase sales of the brand, ... while you continue to work. Acquire the versatility necessary to be a 360º communicator.


Study at any time and from anywhere. Whether it's from the office, home or public transport you access classes, ask teachers, use multimedia resources, ...


Do the final exams comfortably without large displacements. In the UEMC we have numerous offices throughout Spain. Ask us about the nearest one.

At your pace

Choose the number of subjects to enroll according to your workload. We plan the academic program so that you only attend 2 or 3 subjects per exam period.


Professional outings

The arrival of the internet and the new technologies make us live in the Digital age. Some of the predominant aspects of it are the easy access to large volumes of information or the multiple options that address the consumers demanding their time. As a result, the market demands professionals capable of Get attention and of Persuade users. In studying the Degree in Online Advertising UEMC You will acquire this profile and you will have access to work in any of the following companies:

  • Advertising agencies.
  • Media planning agencies.
  • Organization of events.
  • Public relations consultants.
  • Communication consultants.
  • Press cabinets.
  • Graphic design studies.
  • Brand management / branding consultants.
  • Companies and marketing departments.
  • Market research companies.
  • Strategic planning departments.
  • Advertising or communication departments.
  • Image and communication consultant.
  • Agencies and communication consultants.


At the Universidad Miguel de Cervantes we offer you a methodology and curriculum focused on you. It is you who chooses the number of subjects to take.

Forget the strenuous weeks in which you must study five or six subjects at a time. At UEMC Online we offer you four exam periods per year so that you only have to take care of two or three subjects each time.

In addition, the weight of the training will fall on the continuous evaluation that will represent 60% of the final grade. The continuous evaluation is structured on the basis of scheduled scheduling dates, that is, the delivery of the work is flexible according to your needs.

Why choose UEMC online?

We adapt to you

Formulate yourself through a flexible curriculum whose workload fits your needs.

Scholarships and discounts

We have scholarship programs and grants to facilitate your access to the training you want.

Jobs and Internships

Access guaranteed practices through our job board and support to entrepreneurs.


1st Course

  • Language
  • Contemporary political and social history
  • Company and marketing
  • Theory of communication and information
  • Literature and media
  • Writing for the media I
  • Sociology
  • General Theory of Advertising
  • English I
  • Image theory

2nd Course

  • Writing for Media II
  • Decorative Art Subjects
  • Right to information
  • English II
  • Technology of the information and communication
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • International relations
  • Ethics and deontology of communication
  • Communication and audiovisual information
  • Documentation

3rd Course

  • Structure and organization of communication companies
  • Psychosociology of the consumer
  • Graphic design
  • General Theory of Public Relations
  • Advertising media planning
  • Marketing plan
  • Creativity
  • External Practices I
  • Optativa: Communication actions below the line
  • Optional: Descriptive Statistics
  • Optional: Technical English I
  • Optional: Quality Management
  • Optional: Business address
  • Elective: Political communication

4th Course

  • Advertising and public relations systems and processes
  • Advertising campaigns analysis and analysis
  • Corporate Communication Directorate
  • Organization of events and protocol
  • Market research
  • Advertising and Public Relations Strategies
  • External Practices II
  • Optional: Computer graphics and animation techniques
  • Human resources management
  • Optional: Business Strategy
  • Optativa: Internet Marketing
  • Optional: Trademarks
  • Optativa: Customer service and attention
  • Final degree project
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