Data Security (Non-Technical) - an online course

Southampton Data Science Academy

Program Description

Data Security (Non-Technical) - an online course

Southampton Data Science Academy

About this course

This course will teach you how to undertake a cybersecurity risk assessment in your own organization. It is aimed at data scientists including managers, supervisors, and administrators who process personal data as defined in the General Data Protection Regulations. Technical knowledge is not required but the course is centered on a risk-based approach. If you are not able to conduct a security risk assessment at work a case study will be provided for the final assignment.

Taking place over six weeks, each week will contain a mix of taught material, self-study, activities and practical exercises, all carried out online.

Aims and learning outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the requirement for security governance and the legal aspects of cyber security as it applies to a data science
  • Identify the type of cyber vulnerabilities and threats to a business
  • Suggest various mitigation approaches to the identified risks
  • Understand the costs of the different mitigation strategies
  • Conduct a risk impact assessment of your organization



  • Vulnerability and threat assessment against a given scenario
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies for the given scenario
  • Implement a risk assessment for your own organization

Week 1

  • Introduction to the course
  • The current cybersecurity environment
  • Business impacts and cost
  • Legal, Regulatory and Management responsibilities

Week 2

  • Common vulnerabilities from CWE, OWASP, STRIDE
  • Selecting appropriate controls

Week 3

  • Humans in the loop, social engineering, Vishing, Phishing, Malware, Spoofing
  • Selecting appropriate controls

Week 4

  • Reducing risk
  • Risk assessment
  • Cyber essentials scheme

Week 5

  • Step by step guide to conducting a risk assessment
  • Risk assessment for a given scenario(s)

Week 6

  • Recap
  • Cyber Roles (technical)
  • Incident planning
  • Resources

Course Facts

  • Duration: c. 60 hours (across 6 weeks)
  • Dates: 8th May - 18th June
  • Cost: £1,000
  • 100% Online Delivery: Personal and group tutorials, guided self-study via core materials, Q&A and peer discussions
  • Target group: Managers, supervisors, and administrators
  • Learning materials: Video tutorials, presentations, online exercises, further reading
  • Assessment: Conducting a security risk assessment in your own organization
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