Best Online Courses in Transportation Management 2019

An online course is a good educational option for students who work, parent, or otherwise have full schedules that prevent them from attending traditional classes at a physical campus. By creating a digital classroom over the internet, online courses provide the flexibility to learn from anywhere while maintaining a high degree of educational quality.

What is an online course in transportation management? Students in this discipline learn skills that prepare them to coordinate, manage, and plan various transport systems such as highways, subways, and airways. Topics related to logistics and supply chains also often fall under this branch of study. Course subjects include finance, traffic engineering, transportation policy, and more. Students may learn to schedule trucks and trains, create budgets, and design efficient systems.

In addition to providing practical and valuable knowledge on relevant topics, an online course in transportation management can help build a student’s leadership and business skills. These are transferrable to a wide variety of jobs, as well as useful for other aspects of life.

Since online courses in transportation management are available in many places, the cost to take one can vary by country and institution. For exact information, it is best to research or contact the school that runs the course you are interested in taking.

Education in this field can lead to careers in a wide variety of positions related to the logistical, financial, and security aspects of transportation. Graduates in this discipline might oversee the movement of goods for the manufacturing industry, become responsible for public systems such as buses and trains, or work in a government agency related to transportation.

An online course in transportation management is a great way to advance toward or augment a career in an important and practical field. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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TU Delft Open & Online Education

Understanding the complexity of today's sophisticated railway systems will give you a better insight into how this safe and reliable transportation system works. We will ... [+]

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your train on the right platform at the scheduled time every day?

Understanding the complexity of today's sophisticated railway systems will give you a better insight into how this safe and reliable transportation system works. We will show you the many factors which are involved and how multiple people, behind the scenes, have a daily task that enables you to get from home to work. Journey with us into the world of rail - a complex system that connects people, cities, and countries.

Railway systems entail much more than a train and a track. They are based on advanced technical and operational solutions, dealing with continuously changing demands for more efficient transport for both passengers and freight every day. Each system consists of many components that must be properly integrated: from trains, tracks, stations, signaling and control systems, through monitoring, maintenance and the impact on cities, landscape, and people. This integration is the big challenge and the source of many train delays, inconvenient connections and other issues that impact our society.... [-]

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