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Transportation Engineering

An online course offers students an opportunity to experience learning outside the classroom when classroom learning is not an option. The variety of online courses is growing among many schools as the demand for alternative study methods grows.

What is an online course in transportation engineering? Courses typically examine the design, building and upkeep of transportation systems, such as marine shipping ports or commuter railways. In online courses, students may learn about transportation engineering topics such as airport design, road and pavement design and construction, railroad track design, railroad network planning, high speed rail design, soil stability and analysis, logistics analysis, sustainable construction methods, construction case studies, groundwater studies, air quality measurements, city water infrastructure, earthquake engineering or geomechanics.

Taking an online course in transportation engineering can help build proficiencies that apply to other courses and jobs, such as competency with computers, reading design plans and using math and science in real-world applications. Students may also enhance their perception of spatial relations.

To determine the cost of an online course, contact the school that offers it. Different schools have varied fees, even if one school’s course seems largely similar to another school’s course.

Courses in transportation engineering can provide a background for many careers in the transportation industry. A specialization in airport engineering involves designing, constructing and sustaining airports for government, commercial and public use while taking into consideration the changing technologies of air transport. Transportation engineers with a specialty in the marine sector focus on the design and maintenance of marinas, seawalls, docks and piers for trade, fishing, public transport and private use. Transportation engineering with a focus in railway engineering requires expertise in the systems used to transport freight and passengers through diverse areas.

Completing an online course in transportation engineering can often be a great tool for career exploration or advancement. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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