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Technology Policy

Generally taking only weeks or a couple months, a course is a short college program. In this type of program, the focus is very specialized and specific to one topic. 

What is an online course in technology policy? Technology policy involves the laws and regulations that may be created in regard to the use and development of technology. This area is growing due to growth in the field of technology. In a technology policy course, students may learn how to create policies and set agendas for policy creation. Courses may cover the link between technology and society, how society influences the need for policy in this area, and analysis of policies. A course may also offer students training in research, management, negotiation, risk assessment and regulation. Students may develop their own project to showcase a technology policy situation and how they would handle it based on what was learned in the course.

Those who complete a technology policy course get the benefit of learning about policy-making and regulation, which can be helpful in a range of careers in different fields. Students may gain knowledge about technology’s impact on society and how to approach it from a policy-making standpoint.

The cost of a course may vary based on different factors. Students interested in taking a course should contact their school directly to get an accurate cost estimate.

Students who complete a course in technology policy are generally interested in learning more before continuing their education in a related field, such as public policy. Some students may take a course after completing a degree to add to their qualifications. Those who complete a program may be interested in working in government agencies or private companies. They may qualify for positions in technology research and development, policy making, or management.

If you have an interest in technology policy, you may want to consider enrolling in a course in technology policy. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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