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Distance learning courses are offered online to students who complete coursework off-campus. This type of learning platform could be the perfect fit for individuals who are currently employed, live far from the school of their choice or simply find they learn better at their own pace.

So what is an online course in sustainability? Sustainability is focused on using resources in a way that's efficient and conservative while ensuring needs are met. Such courses are designed to teach students what sustainability is, common sustainability practices and why sustainability is so essential in today's world. Course material might cover current and future natural resource demands, methods of water conservation, international development and non-renewable energy sources.

One advantage of completing a course in sustainability is learning how to properly protect, use and preserve natural resources. Those interested in development planning might be interested in learning about sustainability so they can create environmentally friendly projects that use as few resources as necessary.

Scholars interested in completing a distance learning course in sustainability are often better off contacting the school with a program that interests them for the latest information regarding course fees and tuition. Class materials, tuition and books are just a few factors that often determine overall course cost. There's also a chance the school offers scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid. 

Because of the growing interest to preserve natural resources, the sustainability sector has experienced an abundance of growth in regards to job opportunities, which can be quite an advantage for those with an education in sustainability. Examples of job titles in the industry run the gamut from sustainability executive, industrial engineer and natural sciences manager to industrial production manager, civil engineer and operations manager. Depending on the position, applicants might need certification to qualify for a specific position.

An online course could be just the thing you need for a sustainable career. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.  

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Course in Business Futures: Sustainable Business Through Green HR

Online Part time 3 weeks April 2018 United Kingdom UK Online

Get an introduction to how HR, specifically Green HR, can help create a business that’s environmentally friendly. [+]

Top Online Courses in Sustainability . Sustainability is an embedded practice in many businesses. It recognises the long term benefits of acknowledging the social and environmental impacts of production and consumption. While governments encourage responsible social and environmental action, implementation is often left to individual organisations and many of these are under pressure from shareholders driven by a profit-centred return on investment (ROI) model. And so, environmental and sustainable practices often become a HR matter - it’s people that must make the difference. This course will explore what constitutes sustainability from both ecological and business perspectives. We will investigate the emergence of sustainable approaches to human resources, known as ‘Green HR’, and identify various types of sustainability models. Examine Green HR in the fashion industry We will take you on a journey through the fashion industry where we’ll explore the essential features of Green HR, including the value placed on human capital and the necessary balancing of sustainable values and business viability. Make sustainable business work in practice Operating a sustainable business is a balancing act. We will examine how sustainability and Green HR can work in practice by examining: How to change mindsets to balance self-interest and social responsibility How to identify and overcome barriers to sustainable business The drivers of change towards a sustainable approach How to implement a multi-stage approach to sustainability The role of Green HR in developing, implementing and maintaining sustainable shared values and initiatives. Throughout the course we identify the internal and external drivers... [-]