Online Course in Styling in Italy

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Courses can be taken to achieve a variety of purposes: They can serve as remedial or foundational classes, they might be taken to gain valuable skills, or they could be chosen simply to pursue an interest.

Styling programs are a good choice for students who want to learn more about the fashion industry and clothing design. Topics covered might include everything from aesthetic theory to practical considerations for clothing wear.

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic within the European Union, located in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia along the Alps.

Online Course in Styling in Italy

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Online Fashion Styling Course

Milan Fashion Campus
Online 6 months October 2018 Italy Milan

Online Fashion Styling Course: Your first Step towards your future in the Fashion Styling & Editing world


Course content: This course provides an introduction to the stylist's role in personal and publishing field. It represents the first steps in this popular fashion career path starting from the basics. The course includes topics as: the skin colours, the different body shapes, how to use the styling for different situations, how translate a runway look into a real life, how dressing different age ranges of women, how get differents mood's style and how to stylize a girl's week with a limited number of items. Furthermore, how to build a look like a star and a capsule wardrobe collection till how to plan an editorial fashion shooting. The program is highly interactive, with work assignments that will help you to develop your visual sense of style and your ability to work with colors and proportions, creating artworks for your portfolio. The course requires Photoshop and internet. The student will learn how to use it to mix and match clothing items. He will collect information through the internet, work on it with photoshop to build the layouts. For whom this fashion stylist course can be useful? For all people who want’ to increase the knowledge in the field of fashion, for professional purpose – for personal culture. To complete the training the ideal way would be to come to Italy to take in the campus the main styling course and the shooting module. Final work: Creating your web-based Portfolio or Video Mood Board<img class="image-element "... [-]