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An online course is an academic class that teaches students about a specific subject. They can be used as a standalone credit or as part of a degree program, and students have the freedom to enroll in courses that are both convenient and engaging.
What is an online course in Russian? A Russian course teaches students about the origin of the language and the evolution of different dialects. It also covers critical topics such as sentence structure, spelling and pronunciation. In some cases, courses may focus on basic vocabulary, such as people and places, while others provide detailed information on written communication or international translations.
Students who choose to study Russian learn to use the language fluently whether they are reading, writing or speaking out loud. In fact, students who excel with foreign languages tend to demonstrate a higher level of motivation in other areas as well by applying the same kind of discipline and structure.

Courses in Russian are available online so that students can access them easily from any location, but every institution has different requirements and fees. If you are interested in registering for a course, you can contact individual universities to get more information about enrollment fees, duration and prerequisites.
An online course in Russian provides students with an opportunity to pursue employment in a wide range of professional fields. If you would like to work with children or adults, you can pursue a teaching degree or open a medical practice overseas. Students who are concerned by political issues and economics, on the other hand, can find work as a foreign ambassador, international liaison or journalist. For those who prefer a career in construction, sales or hospitality, there are companies who are actively seeking bilingual employees.
Now that more schools are embracing the idea of the virtual classroom, students have more resources to help them achieve academic excellence. With online enrollment, it is also easier to compare institutions to find the best program and resources. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Educacentre Language School

Our online lessons are made in the same way as anyone to one course – you will practice and develop Russian language skills in the specific areas based on your need ... [+]

Online lessons Intensity and duration based on your needs

Our online lessons are made in the same way as anyone to one course – you will practice and develop Russian language skills in the specific areas based on your needs. During our online lessons, you will receive the same study materials provided by the same teachers as any students of our residential classes. You will practice listening and speaking and write the grammar exercises with your personal teacher from your home or at your workplace. You can join our online classes before the start of your course at our school in order to prepare for the full immersion experience and continue when you return back home with the same teacher to keep your Russian skills at the best level. We will be happy to offer you a trial lesson so that you can get acquainted with your teacher and discuss together how we can help you in reaching your educational goals. ... [-]

Russia Saint Petersburg
Open Enrollment
Novosibirsk State University

We have 2 basic formats for our programs: Academic year Program, Summer Program. ... [+]

We have 2 basic formats for our programs:

Academic year Program Summer Program

Each program features:

The opportunity to take individual classes and classes in a mini-group (2-6 students). Group classes (7-12 students) are available if you come in a group. 5 levels of instruction: from beginner to advanced. Placement levels are determined by testing upon arrival. At all levels students are offered courses in pronunciation, speaking, writing, reading, grammar and cultural studies. At intermediate-advanced levels, programs can be complemented by additional mini-courses, such as: Reading Russian fiction. Reading newspapers and magazines. Viewing the best Russian films. Introduction to Russian history and culture (including the history and culture of Siberia). Business Russian. Russian for science, engineering, and art. Besides practical lessons, lectures on Russian/Siberian history, economy, ecology, and literature can also be arranged. Training for taking TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) A certificate of successful completion is awarded at the end of each student's program. ... [-]
Russia Novosibirsk
September 2019
2 - 12 months