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One of the best ways to further career goals is investing in higher education. By taking courses in their field, students demonstrate commitment to their careers. Individual classes can provide valuable skills and advanced training.

The field of robotics is growing to meet the needs of a global economy.  By combining mathematics, computer science, and engineering, students who study robotics may help advance technology to address the growing demand for artificial intelligence and machinery in private and public applications throughout the world.

Europe, one of the world's seven continents, is usually known as the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia. Second smallest continent, with 10,180,000 (km2), the area regroups 50 countries.

Course Online in Robotics in Europe

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Course in Introducing Robotics: Build a Robot Arm

Online Part time 5 weeks May 2018 United Kingdom UK Online

Design, build and program a simple robot and share it with other learners. [+]

Here’s your chance to build a simple robot.

Robotics is all about integrating hardware and software. In this course, you’ll design, build and program a simple robot, with at least two joints, that can carry a pen or pencil and draw a coordinated line on a sheet of a paper. There are lots of ways you could actually build such a robot and that will depend on your skill level, your budget, or what equipment you can source. You may find the project challenging. You’ll need to bring together a number of skills, such as mechanical design and software development. The software needs to implement kinematic algorithms as well as communicate with sensors and motors. You will need to generate a trajectory of points for the robot to move on the worksheet and test and adjust the software to improve your robot’s performance. At the end of the course, you’ll be invited to submit a video of your completed robot for peer review.... [-]

Course in Nanotechnology for Health: Innovative Designs for Medical Diagnosis

Online Part time 4 weeks November 2018 United Kingdom UK Online

Explore the use and implications of nanotechnology in new medical applications Nanotechnology is used to control and manipulate nanometer-sized matter with nanometer precision. [+]

Explore the use and implications of nanotechnology in new medical applications Nanotechnology are used to control and manipulate nanometer-sized matter with nanometer precision. This can be atoms, molecules, or larger biological structures such as DNA or living cells. This online course explores the potential of nanotechnology in medical applications, to create new devices that can be used to diagnose a disease or monitor a medical treatment.

What topics will you cover? Introduction to the technology and science of nanotechnology. The relation between nanotechnology and medical applications. The impact and possible consequences of new techniques for ethical questions and societal behaviour. Introduction to the underlying science and technology of nanotechnology developments and of the techniques used to produce devices that use nanotechnology. Nano and breath: Electronic nose; Nano and blood: Lab-on-a-chip; Nano and urine: Cancer detection. Example cases where new technology is not an independent development but arises from societal questions, and in turn also creates new societal and ethical questions. What will you achieve? Describe technology and the science of nanotechnology Investigate the relationship between nanotechnology and the medical application Engage in the underlying science and technology and techniques used to fabricate nanodevices Discuss societal and ethical questions that arise from new technological developments in the health domain Who is the course for? ... [-]

Course in Building a Future with Robots

Online Full time Part time 3 weeks January 2019 United Kingdom UK Online + 1 more

On this free online course, we’ll present some of the major challenges that working with autonomous systems creates, to help you understand how researchers design robotic systems, how these connect to other fields of study, and the potential role of robotics in our everyday future. [+]

Explore the future of robotics in factories, homes, hospitals, schools and cars

In the near future, many of us will work alongside robots. Knowledge of robotics and autonomous systems will be a helpful skill for a surprising number of today’s careers.

On this course, we’ll look at current and future developments in the field of robotics that could shape many different aspects of our daily lives. We’ll build up a picture of the principles and the fundamental challenges of robotic design, and demonstrate how research here at The University of Sheffield is working to overcome some of these challenges.

What topics will you cover?

This course looked at current and future developments in the field of robotics that could shape different aspects of people’s daily lives. It built an understanding of the principles and fundamental challenges of designing robots including:... [-]