Best Online Courses in Retail Management 2019

Online courses are a popular alternative to traditional classroom studies. They offer the convenience of web-based learning on a variety of subjects.

What is an online course in retail management? Online courses in the subject may be offered as a series of modules using video and audio formats to convey information on the subject. Retail management courses of this type can often be completed at a student's own pace. One might also find structured online business degrees that focus on retail management. These are taken over the course of several years, much like other degree programs, and feature classes going into detail on finance and the global supply chain. Advanced academic programs offered online in retail management might focus on a specific area of retail operations, such as online business or retail merchandising.

Learning the theory and practice behind retail can help existing managers advance their careers to higher levels in a corporate hierarchy. A basic understanding of retail management issues could help entrepreneurs successfully construct business plans and manage staff to grow personal retail ventures.

Costs of business courses online are often high when compared with courses in the sciences or humanities. Prospective students might want to inquire with each program directly, as tuition is often different depending on the school.

Graduates of retail management courses are often focused on general store management or a specialized leadership position in the retail industry. Retail store general managers often have the last word in customer relations. They are also often responsible for the delegation or performance of administrative tasks such as scheduling and hiring. An example of a specialized retail management position is a store designer. Sometimes also known as a merchandising manager, this position is often focused on the aesthetically pleasing presentation of merchandise to maximize customer accessibility of inventory as well as reduce loss risk and increase sales of featured products.

Retail is a large category and can often provide ample opportunities for study and employment. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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International Career Institute

Managing a retail outlet entails specific skills. To possess such, enroll in ICI’s retail management course. The course utilizes techniques employed by successful retaile ... [+]

Managing a retail outlet entails specific skills. To possess such, enroll in ICI’s retail management course. The course utilizes techniques employed by successful retailers. Moreover, since it will be taken via distance learning, you can enjoy the convenience of studying at your own pace and place.

Course Outline

Developing and Recognising Skills

Includes lessons on (1) Implementing staff training and (2) Assessing workplace competencies Leading and Managing People

Managing Human Resources

Includes: (1) Providing a safe working environment, (2) Administering human resources policy, and (3) Recruiting and Selecting Personnel

Managing Financial Resources... [-]

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