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Petroleum Engineering

Online courses are usually available through the same institutions that offer traditional classroom studies. However, some schools offer only online courses.

What is an online course in petroleum engineering? Some of these courses are industry education courses for existing professionals while others confer a bachelor's or master's degree upon students. Classes are usually specific to the petroleum industry and relevant technology. A student in a degree program might expect to investigate reservoir engineering and petroleum geology alongside business and ethics topics, such as economic risk analysis and environmental management. Courses might require a high level of education in a relevant engineering field, but those intended to give executives intellectual context sometimes have no prerequisite other than intent to study.

An understanding of the technical aspect of the petroleum business can help oilwell stakeholders make better financial decisions. Advanced courses in the field can enable engineers to make innovations in petroleum technology.

Engineering and business courses can have higher tuition costs compared to other online courses. Check with the institution for payment options and information regarding financial aid.

When students graduate from online courses in petroleum engineering, they usually pursue careers in the petroleum industry. One example of such a job is a drilling engineer. Drilling engineers work with other specialists, such as reservoir engineers and geologists, to make sure wells are operating correctly. They're also responsible for identifying and monitoring drilling fluids. Another possible job for graduates of an online course is pipeline technician. These maintenance professionals operate pipelines and other types of gas and liquid transmission systems. Candidates for this position are often required to display excellent organizational skills and aptitude for maintenance and repair work on complex equipment.

There are many different types of online petroleum engineering programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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