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Best Online Courses in Painting 2018


An online course is a short unit of study that usually takes no longer than a school year to complete. Sometimes students take courses as part of a larger study program on the way to a degree, or they take them individually to gain a slice of specific knowledge.

What is an online course in painting? These short studies may be opportunities for aspiring artists to add a specific skill to their repertoire. The course could focus on techniques, painting theory, art psychology, art therapy, or art criticism. Depending on the course, students may be required to produce paintings and submit them electronically in lieu of attending studio sessions in person. Students may be able to choose their artistic interests by focusing on modern art, impressionistic painting, landscape art, portraiture, or still life.

Even if students are already proficient painters, the skills from this course could improve their ability to present their portfolios effectively to the public. For students who feel stuck, a single course in painting could unlock new creativity.

Online painting courses have different costs depending on the school, the location, and the class itself. Students should contact their chosen school to learn more about costs.

Artists who take courses in painting could experience new job opportunities as art teachers, art critics, conservationists, antique experts, illustrators, muralists, commercial artists, art therapists, fine artists, or gallery consultants. Many painters create art on commission and sell it to businesses to hang in their buildings. Having a course in painting may make painters more attractive to these businesses and open up new client opportunities. Learning art theory from a painting course can give artists opportunities to branch out and offer their services as critics or consultants.

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