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Molecular Life Sciences

Students who prefer to study outside of campus because of work or family obligations can enroll in online courses. These classes typically satisfy requirements to make a career change or complete an associate, bachelor’s or graduate degree.

What is an online course in molecular life sciences? This course stresses the natural interactions happening at the cellular level in various life forms, such as people, animals and plants. Students gain a thorough understanding of the components of a cell, gene expressions involving DNA and RNA, and protein synthesis. Gene replication and translation is the most popular subset of the field, but individuals can also study an interface between biology and chemistry or biology and computer science for a comprehensive look at the world.

Individuals interested in a successful scientific career can find molecular life science courses very useful. Many biology, chemistry or physics positions require a solid groundwork in molecular sciences; hence, taking courses may qualify graduates for higher-level, salaried positions.

Courses in molecular life sciences can range from a few weeks to two years, which can contribute to variances in program costs. It’s recommended that interested students contact specific institutions they want to attend to see if tuition costs are within their budget.

Graduates of a course in molecular life sciences can work to produce new medicine, trace the evolution of species, create better tests to detect disease, develop sustainable products, and more. Others find employment as lab technicians, providing critical support by keeping workspaces clean and performing routine tests. Graduates with a love of spreading knowledge can become educators in secondary or post-secondary schools or even work as museum curators. In addition, some graduates go on to be successful science writers, journalists and policy makers.

Institutions around the world offer part-time or full-time online courses that may be suitable to your schedule. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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