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Molecular Biology

Online courses are open to high school graduates as a way to facilitate a career path, finish secondary level requirements or provide additional education while pursuing a college degree. Courses offer specific knowledge about a field of study that can be completed outside of a traditional classroom.

What is an online course in molecular biology? It covers the interaction of biomolecules in a cell, including DNA, RNA and macromolecules, such as proteins or nucleic acids. Students also learn about the natural interactions and processes occurring in the body or environment. They often gain a comprehensive overview of the structure, function, origin and evolution of life at the molecular level, or concentrate on the specifics of one area, such as bacteria in water systems.

Online courses can lay the groundwork for a successful scientific career. They can be taken as a requirement for a degree stressing detailed knowledge about how the world works, and can improve understanding of the scientific method. Taking a course can increase students’ qualifications, opening the door to more employment opportunities upon graduation.

Since courses can range from a few weeks to years, the costs for an online course in molecular biology vary drastically. Students should contact the specific institution they’re interested in to learn more about tuition expenses.

Students who complete courses in molecular biology can go on to become research scientists, teachers or technicians. Researchers in the medical, environmental science or genetic engineering industries work in labs or out in the field to perform studies that move their discipline forward. Teachers can work at the secondary or post-secondary level to inform students about research methods and technological advances. Lab technicians provide critical support to scientists by performing routine entry-level tests and duties.

Online courses can be taken on a part-time or full-time basis from the comfort of your home. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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