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Best Online Courses in Mining Engineering 2019

Online courses are an excellent option for students who are working while studying. It can be difficult to split your time between these two goals, although distant learning makes the process much easier. It eliminates the need to travel to a physical location, benefiting busy students.

What is an online course in mining engineering? This field of study focuses on the creation and optimization of modern mines. To allow miners to do their jobs safely, mining engineers must understand ventilation, rock fragmentation, land surveying, and material handling. Courses in the field of mining engineering incorporate engineering fundamentals, as well as mathematics and science, in order to tackle the challenge of planning, designing, and implementing a mine.

Students who complete a program in mining engineering may enjoy several boosts to their career, such as qualification for advanced positions and a higher salary. Additionally, studying online allows students to benefit from having more time to pursue other goals alongside their education.

It can be difficult to determine the tuition of a mining engineering online course. The best approach is to research the different aspects before enrolling. These variables can include the specific school and program, country of study, and student status.

With an education in mining engineering, students can be equipped to become mine engineers, designer, and producers. These professionals are tasked with the planning stage of creating a mine. It is also possible to become mine managers and mine operators, who are responsible for overseeing all operations of mining. With additional studies, you can opt to enter the business side of mine management by becoming a corporate mining manager, mine product marketer, or advisor.

The best way to begin your education in mining engineering is to find the program that fits your needs best. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Course : Introduction to Process Mining with ProM

Online Part time 4 weeks January 2019 United Kingdom UK Online

Learn how to use the free, open source process mining framework (ProM) to analyse, visualise, and improve processes based on data. [+]

Learn to get a critical, process-centric perspective on data

Process mining combines business process management with data science. Using process mining, you can analyse and visualise business processes based on event data recorded in event logs. For example, you could analyse how people use public transportation; verify whether a loan application is processed correctly by a bank, or predict when hardware parts are likely to fail. This online course will give you an introduction to this new and exciting field.

What topics will you cover?

Process mining provides a critical, process-centric perspective on data, which is not available with classical data mining or machine learning techniques. For example, with process mining you can:... [-]