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Best Online Courses in Massage Therapy 2018

Taking an online course entails following a specific topic over the period of weeks, months or even years. You take a course to specialize within a certain subject or to gain credit toward a higher degree.

What is an online course in massage therapy? To answer that, you may want to first understand the field. Massage therapy is the practice of rehabilitative and therapeutic massage treatments. Students may learn how to properly diagnose and address certain physical ailments, as well as how to provide safe and effective patient care. A course in massage therapy may address specific topics such as anatomy or reflexology. Take a look at the various program guides universities are offering for a course that appeals to you.

A course in massage therapy can help you become a more effective therapist or provide the stepping stones toward full certification. A course can give the prerequisite knowledge to qualify for a higher degree or become a specialist in a certain field.

Typically, the cost of a course in massage therapy varies significantly depending on the program. More hands-on courses may have higher fees while other online courses may be offered for significantly less. Check with each school about tuition costs before applying.

The most common occupations pursed by students in massage therapy are physical therapists, rehabilitators, spa workers and more. However, a course in massage therapy is just a step along the way. Many careers in the field require higher degrees and specialized certification. Nevertheless, taking a course in massage therapy as a professional can give you a competitive edge in your field, specializing your capabilities.

Start your journey toward a better career by looking through the program listing for the right massage therapy course for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Massage For Beginners

Excel with Business
Online Full time Part time 3 hours Open Enrollment United Kingdom London + 1 more

This course is an ideal starting point for anybody interested in massage or beauty therapy more widely – whether as a general skill or a career. [+]

In our increasingly fast-paced and stressful world, the demand for massage – which is also an art form in itself – is set to keep increasing.

This course is an ideal starting point for anybody interested in massage or beauty therapy more widely – whether as a general skill or a career. Whether you want to give massages to friends and family or wish to test the waters of a career in beauty therapy, this course provides the perfect starting point.

Syllabus Section 1: Theory and Preparation Section 2: Demonstrations Section 3: Exercises and Resources About the author

Louise Teather

The beauty industry is expanding globally. Whether you are studying to become qualified, an independent beauty therapist or esthetician, hoping to be employed by a top spa, thinking about starting your own business, or just want to know how to give great massages to family, friends and loved ones, the Massage for Beginners course will give you a great grounding in this ancient art or prepare you for the next professional step. Written by Louise Teather, a beauty therapist based in London, the course offers refreshingly practical information for everyone from the keen amateur to business owner who is serious about the quality of their services.... [-]