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One of the best ways to further career goals is investing in higher education. By taking courses in their field, students demonstrate commitment to their careers. Individual classes can provide valuable skills and advanced training.

A bachelor’s in logistics can be a great choice for individuals with interests in warehouse operations and procedures. This degree provides students with an in-depth study of coordination tactics and procedures to ensure the smooth transport and storage of goods. Graduates can utilize this knowledge in a number of different careers.

Education in the United States is mainly provided by the public sector, with control and funding coming from three levels: state, local, and federal, in that order. The common requirements to study at a higher education level in United States will include your admissions essay (also known as the statement of purpose or personal statement), transcript of records, recommendation/reference letters, language tests

Online Course in Logistics in USA

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Course: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Rowan University College of Business
Online Part time September 2018 USA Glassboro

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Equipment Troubleshooting have become important tools for global competitors. MI offers "customized" programs in these areas. [+]

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Equipment Troubleshooting have become important tools for global competitors. MI offers "customized" programs in these areas.Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) has emerged as an integral part of the success stories told by today's world-class organizations. For manufacturers and hospitals; and food, oil, and gas processors, the Maintenance Operation is a critical element of success.During the first three years of adopting TPM methodologies, you can expect to realize a 15% to 25% increase in equipment operation. Some companies report machines running at 95% uptime in less than 5 years! With numbers like that, it is not hard to understand why DuPont, Ford Motor Company, Eastman Kodak, Dana Corporation, Allen Bradley, and Harley Davidson are just a few of the Fortune 500 companies that have successfully implemented TPM.TPM - a Partnership for SuccessTotal Productive Maintenance is a systematic approach to continuous improvement of your maintenance activities. It is a partnership among maintenance personnel, operations management, parts inventory, and operators. This team strategy focuses on the identification of potential problems and their expedient resolution. TPM is like Six Sigma in that it utilizes key equipment metrics, including Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Mean Time to Repair and Mean Time between Failures. The goal of TPM is to continually improve these performance metrics.FlexibilityTPM practices are not limited to industrial plants. These methodologies can readily be adapted to many other industries, such as construction, hospitals, building maintenance, and transportation, as well as process industries like food, gas, and oil.The CurriculumThe Management Institute of... [-]