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High school graduates may start their post-secondary training by taking courses. A course is a unit of learning that is often a part of a program of education. Some courses are offered online, which means scholars attend class in a virtual classroom. Courses can last between a month and a year.

What is an online course in Islamic finance? This type of course looks at finances from the view of Islam. Students may learn about alternatives to interest-based transactions. Some courses may also focus on what it means to be Shari’ah compliant and how professionals can achieve this compliance. Professors often use projects, discussion groups, lectures and exams in the learning process. You may be able to take this type of course to earn a certificate in Islamic finance or as a part of a degree program.

This type of education is beneficial because it can teach students how to fill out paperwork in a way that is in keeping with the Islamic faith. Some employers in countries with a Muslim majority may be on the lookout for scholars with this learning.

The tuition for an online course can vary from one school to the next. In fact, a school’s location, course’s duration and course’s academic level may play a role in what you have to pay. For an estimate, consider contacting the university you wish to attend.

An online course in Islamic finance typically leads to a career in an Islamic financial institution. This type of institution is more popular in Middle Eastern, North African and Central Asian countries. You may be able to use the information you learned to start a career as a banker, financial adviser, risk manager or financial analyst. Many students use this course as a foundation for more education.

Are you ready to start an online course in Islamic finance? If so, it may be time to apply. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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