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International Logistics

Courses can be a single class taught by a professor over the course of an academic semester or a group of classes taken to earn a diploma. Courses can be taken to learn a new skill as a way to become certified for a particular profession. They can vary greatly in duration as well as breadth.

What is an online course in international logistics? International logistics involves the management process of planning, implementing and controlling physical and information flows concerned with a company’s resources in a supply chain across at least one international border. Students taking an online course in international logistics might learn about supply chains, inventory management, transportation economics, global sourcing, international transportation regulations, import and export procedures, and risk management. Some courses require a written exam to become certified in this field. Other courses are laid out more like a seminar in which a day-long training session is more likely.

Because logistics is basically the management of stuff or information from one location to another, students learn to be organized individuals. International logistics helps individuals become better communicators with people of different nationalities.

An online course in international logistics might require several years of dedicated study involving many individual classes or a day long intensive study. Therefore, costs vary greatly. Contact your school of choice for more information.

A course in international logistics prepares individuals for a variety of careers. Jobs in manufacturing are the most common. Most people begin such careers in an entry-level position and work their way up the ranks. Job titles in this industry include international logistics manager, consultant, analyst or international supply chain manager. International logistics is a growing field due to globalization. Many companies prefer individuals who have taken courses that result in a bachelor’s degree.

Many schools offer online versions of their on-campus courses. Online international logistics courses vary in cost depending on the program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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