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Online courses can be of great benefit to scholars unable to attend standard on-campus classes. Some distance learning classes allow students to learn at their own pace while others have deadlines for assignments, quizzes, tests, reading materials and various other course materials.

Just what is an online course in global business? Global business classes give students the professional and personal tools they need to succeed in the international business world. Those already involved in global business might find it beneficial to enroll in an online course to update their knowledge of the industry or become more proficient at their jobs. Course material could focus on international communication skills, building and sustaining relationships and conducting business in various countries.

One of the main reasons someone might want to enroll in a global business course is to gain an understanding of the modern world of international business, which can open the door to higher positions and earnings. Such a course can also imbue personal and communication skills a global business scholar can put to good use in her or his everyday life.

Because there are so many schools and countries that offer online courses in global business, it's often difficult to determine for certain how much such a course will cost. While distance learning classes are often less expensive than on-campus ones, it's still best to reach out to schools for the latest cost information.

Job opportunities one can expect after completing an online course in global business include global business strategist, business marketing professional, business negotiator, management analyst and international accountant. Those who have an idea of which sector of global business they'd like to work in should see if there are courses with specific focuses so they can better prepare for the job market and be more adept at future positions.

Take your career across national and international borders. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.  

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Course in Global Studies: the End of Globalization?

Online Part time 2 weeks January 2018 United Kingdom UK Online

Understand why some governments try to retrieve their sovereignty and leave global institutions. [+]

Globalization is a process that no human being can speed up, slow down or stop. But that doesn’t mean people won’t try.

Governments and citizens across the world either try and benefit from globalization (and try to limit its negative effects) or try to avoid it. On this course, you’ll learn about some of the reasons why people are either pro or anti-globalization. You’ll discover why some governments and countries choose boundaries and demarcation and others choose integration.

What topics will you cover? Defection from alliances, treaties and organizations Democratic fatigue and populist demands Regionalization and Europeanization Xenophobia and cosmopolitanism Relocations and economic nationalism Protectionism and global competition Who is this accredited by? ... [-]

Course in How to Succeed in the Global Workplace

Online Full time Part time 4 weeks January 2018 United Kingdom UK Online + 1 more

The course is for anyone looking to start work anywhere in the world. It will also provide an excellent refresher to those already in employment, or return to work after a career break, as you brush up on the most important communication skills needed to step back into the working environment. For undergraduates and graduates, it will give you an insight into how to manage yourself successfully and the skills necessary to succeed in the global workplace.


This course will help you succeed when you enter the workplace.

Beginning your career or starting a new job brings to mind lots of questions, so we’ve designed a course to guide you through those initial weeks and months so you can make a positive start to your career. You’ll see videos from employers, giving you insights from around the world into what they look for from their employees. You’ll learn how to communicate across cultures and discover the skills to build and maintain relationships with colleagues, managers, and clients. The course includes articles, discussions, and quizzes with tips to help you feel confident.

What will you achieve? Develop an understanding of the communication skills need to effectively present yourself in a professional context Develop an awareness of the underlying principles behind communicating effectively across different cultural environments Explore the skills needed to build and maintain relationships in a professional context Develop the ability to manage yourself in the modern workplace Who is the course for? ... [-]