Online Courses in Game Design 2020

A course is a short college program that covers a specific topic. It is generally available to provide students an introduction to a topic or specific training in a specialized area.

What is an online course in game design? The focus of a game design course is on teaching students the different elements that go into creating games. Courses may teach students about video and computer games along with traditional board and card games. Students in a course may learn about how to produce prototypes and test games. The course may cover design concepts and tools used in game design. Students may also study gaming terminology, game mechanics, player experience and programming language. A course may also cover the sales side of game design and go over topics such as licensing and marketing. Some courses may also include a project where students must create their own game based on what they have learned.

Students in a course in game design learn various skills to help them learn how to design games. They also may get skills in programming that can be used in other career fields.

The cost of a course may vary from school to school. Costs are generally based on tuition, fees and costs of supplies, such as books. The best place to get a cost estimate is directly from a school.

Completing a game design course can help students learn more about their skills in this area. This can enable them to decide to enter the field in an entry-level position or to continue their education to earn a degree in game design. Some students may complete a course with the intention of developing their own game to take to the market or to start a freelance career in game design.

If you are interested in learning more about game design taking a course in game design may be a good option. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Think Tank Training Centre

The Think Tank Online program is designed to train working artists for the CG industry in the following roles: Environments for games (immersive real-time environments) ... [+]

Stemming from the success of our campus program, our online program is a full 4 terms (16 month total) with each term 14 weeks in length. Term 1 Foundations, anyone can apply (if the candidate meets the system requirements, etc.). Upon completing this term, you then move on to choose your career specialty in ONE of the following disciplines;

Environment for Games Hard Surface Modeling for Film Character Modeling for Games Organic Modeling for Film Texture & Look Development

*All required software is provided and licensed for you! (Maya, Photoshop, etc.). You do not need to know your specialization prior to applying as you can discover your abilities as you work through our Foundations Term.... [-]

Canada Canada Online
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16 months
Infopulse University Ukraine

This is a general purpose, object-oriented and high-level programming language, prevalent in many sectors. Startups, banking and finance, aerospace, high-tech, medical an ... [+]

This course is instructor-led-online. It is not like video lecture and automatic tasks results checks. You will communicate with the trainer and he will answer your questions and will correct your mistakes.

Please be sure that you have at least B2 level of English to participate this course

Course outline

Introduction to Java

Application areas. The Java platform. Features of Java. Java Virtual Machine. Java Development Kit. Java Runtime Environment. Compiling and running programs from the command line. Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Overview of popular development environments. Perspectives of using and development of the Java programming language Working with Eclipse IDE Download and installation Eclipse. Setting up a workspace. Configuring Java in Eclipse. Overview of Eclipse working environment. The concept of the project. Creation and running a simple Java application in Eclipse. Overview of program debugging. Diagnosing problems. The concept of unreachable code. Debugging programs in Eclipse. ... [-]
Ukraine Kyiv
Open Enrollment
Western Iowa Tech Community College Distance Education

We invite you to experience our online program in Video Game Development. The program develops skills in modeling, texturing, basic scripting, artistic knowledge, and the ... [+]

We invite you to experience our online program in Video Game Development. The program develops skills in modeling, texturing, basic scripting, artistic knowledge, and the video game pipeline. These skills will also help you to create video game assets and incorporate them in a game engine. Emphasis is placed on providing enhanced learning through teaching complex, technical concepts in an understandable way. Project based assignments are utilized to develop a professional portfolio used when applying for careers in the industry. Video game companies expect you to show them what you can do and this program is designed to build the skills necessary to do so.

Watch this video to experience a final student project produced in the program! You will be creating a portfolio of your works to use when applying for jobs.... [-]

USA Sioux City
Open Enrollment
1 - 2 years