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Fine Arts

Students who want to begin their education while spending time building their careers benefit greatly from distance learning. Online courses are a great alternative that allows students to spend as much time as possible advancing their careers.

What is an online course in fine arts? This is a broad art class that usually incorporates many different disciplines. The specific art forms that are studied depend on the student’s interest. It is possible to study painting, sculpture, music, filmmaking, and others. It is also very common for a fine arts program to focus on art history, with study being split between the theory of art and the practice.

During study, students often have more time because they are not required to travel to a physical location. After completion, students may enjoy the same benefits as a degree earned through a traditional program, including the ability to enter advanced positions and earn a higher salary.

The cost of taking a course in fine arts is influenced by many factors. These factors may include the country and length of study, the specific school and program you choose, and your student status while studying. Before enrolling, ensure that you have a strong understanding of all these aspects.

There are two primary career choices for students of fine arts. For those who are more interested in the practice of an art, the course helps prepare them to become artists, either with a studio, corporation, or independently. If the theory of art interests you more, you may be interested in becoming a teacher. Even with low-level degrees, it is possible to teach elementary or high school art. Finally, the fine arts field prepares students for careers in multimedia especially well.

Find a program that meets your needs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Think Tank's Online Program

Think Tank Training Centre
Online Full time Part time 16 months February 2019 Canada Canada Online + 1 more

The Think Tank Online program is designed to train working artists for the CG industry in the following roles: - Environments for games (immersive real-time environments) - Hard surface modeling for film (robots, mechs, ships, etc) - Character modeling for games (characters that star in video games) - Organic modeling for film (living elements for film – characters, creatures, animals, organisms, etc) - Texturing and look dev for film (including texturing of assets) How It Works: Our program focuses on asset creation and is four full terms - 16 months in total, each term is 14 weeks. The first term is Foundation and anyone can apply, however, you must meet the system requirements. Upon completion, you then move on to choose your career specialty for the Intermediate and Advanced semesters. You do not need to know your specialization prior to applying as you can discover your abilities while working through the Foundation term. The final semester is the one-on-one Mentorship. Throughout the program, you will have access to our online learning portal where you connect with other students and working industry professional mentors. Here you can ask questions, share portfolios, receive professional art direction and feedback – all online! Program Highlights: - 16 months of training - Pay per term or all at once - 5% off when you pay for all four terms up front - Director-derived curriculums that allow for job focused demo reels - Weekly live lesson and Q&As with seasoned industry professionals - Access to Think Tank’s comprehensive resource centre - Live one-on-one mentorships Prerequisites: - Windows desktop computer, webcam, headset and the time to focus and work hard - 18 years of age or high school diploma [+]

Stemming from the success of our campus program, our online program is a full 4 terms (16 month total) with each term 14 weeks in length. Term 1 Foundations, anyone can apply (if the candidate meets the system requirements, etc.). Upon completing this term, you then move on to choose your career specialty in ONE of the following disciplines;

Environment for Games Hard Surface Modeling for Film Character Modeling for Games Organic Modeling for Film Texture & Look Development

*All required software is provided and licensed for you! (Maya, Photoshop, etc.). You do not need to know your specialization prior to applying as you can discover your abilities as you work through our Foundations Term.... [-]

Course : Filmmaking and Animation in the Classroom

Online Full time Part time 3 weeks November 2019 United Kingdom UK Online + 1 more

Learn how to use simple filmmaking and animation to bring learning to life, and aid cross-curricular attainment and assessment. [+]

This free online course will help anyone working with young people aged 5-19 to engage them in learning through simple filmmaking and animation. You’ll discover how film and animation can be used as powerful tools for encouraging active learning and enabling pupils to establish strong connections with any area of the curriculum.

Try filmmaking and animation in the classroom

During the course, you will:

learn how even simple equipment can be used to produce high-quality short films in the classroom; apply this knowledge to the classroom, creating films that help raise attainment; discover a range of top tips to help you hone your filmmaking skills; learn how to produce simple films and animations with your students; and learn how to use this creative art form as an assessment tool. ... [-]

Course : Explore Animation

Online Part time 4 weeks Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online

Learn animation techniques, including stop-motion, 2D, CGI and pixilation, with award-winning animators, in this free NFTS course. [+]

Whether you’re a budding animator or a fan of animation who wants to understand more about what happens behind-the-scenes, this free online course from the internationally acclaimed National Film and Television School (NFTS) will have something for you.

Over four weeks, our team of award-winning animators will take you through their approach to telling stories and demystify their own animation technique.

Each week, our contributors will use examples from their own work, as well as the animated films that have influenced and inspired them, to enable you to explore different forms of animation:

1 - Stop motion or stop frame animation.

2 - 2D or cel animation.

... [-]

3D Animation Program

Rocket Sky 3D Animation School | ONLINE
Online Full time Part time 1.5 - 3 years September 2019 Canada Edmonton Saint John + 2 more

Do you dream of a career working in the amazing animation industry? Rocket Sky is an online animation school taught by world-class industry professionals. We offer affordable tuition rates and financing options at a full-time or part-time basis. [+]

Joining the Rocket Sky Team is a life changing experience and 96% of our graduates are professional animators today.


We’re different. Rocket Sky utilizes a ‘simulated production environment’ approach to learning, which mimics a real-world animation studio. This process develops skills at the highest levels while conditioning our students to work in the real world, all while still in school.


The Rocket Sky Learning System was born out of years of professional production experience, and years of professional education experience. We focus on classical animation principles and basic fundamentals and apply them to the 3D software. This simple approach develops the art and the artist. Repetition is the mother of skill, and by utilizing our unique, one-on-one, mentor-style approach to learning, and the focus on fundamentals rather than software, Rocket Sky students become skilled in all the facets of this allusive art form, and ultimately will be able to produce the highest quality portfolio work to showcase these skills.... [-]