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Best Online Courses in Fashion Illustration 2017/2018

Online courses can develop existing skills or open up pathways to new skills. They range in length and allow people to incorporate education into their busy schedules. The increasing popularity of online courses has led to schools developing more courses and programs to fit students’ needs.

What is an online course in fashion illustration? Fashion illustration courses focus on the techniques used to create fashion images for use in marketing, advertising, retail, high fashion and more. Students typically learn about the different mediums used to create illustrations, such as computer programs, pencil sketching and painting. Courses may also explore the history of fashion illustration, styles used by different artists and designers, human anatomy drawing, the impact of fashion on culture, color theory or textile theory. Students may work on developing their own artistic style and often begin compiling their own designs into a portfolio.

An online course in fashion illustration can help a student develop not just as an illustrator but also as a creative thinker and artist. These skills can translate to other artistic careers and create a more fulfilling life.

Financial requirements for online courses can vary from school to school. It’s best to directly contact the school you’re interested in for more information on costs.

Students taking online courses in fashion illustration may pursue careers in the publishing, design house, retail or corporate arenas. They may also work as freelance fashion designers or illustrators. It’s often important for students to master the various types of media used in fashion illustration; this helps give them an edge among the competition. In freelance careers, it can be especially important to develop a personal style that stands out from the rest, as well as gain business management skills and networking abilities for obtaining work and maintaining clients.

Online courses can be the doorway to an exciting new career path in fashion illustration. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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