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Entrepreneurship Management

An online course allows students to take full advantage of modern technology so that they can take classes over the web. Students may use email, specialized learning software, online resources, interactive programs, and other tools to learn all about their chosen subject.

A variety of topics are available, so what is an online course in entrepreneurship management? This type of program is designed to teach students how to launch, run, and manage a business of their very own. Topics covered might include business regulations, negotiation skills, branding, time management, communications, strategic planning, or ethics. Some programs may be general in nature while others might be geared toward a specific subject area or industry, such as photography, culinary arts, and tourism.

You may find that an entrepreneurship course offers a wide range of potential advantages. For example, a course may sharpen valuable business skills that help students effectively manage a company. Also, having education related to entrepreneurship can provide students with the confidence needed to get a business up and running.

Potential entrepreneurs are often concerned about the cost of online education. Since tuition prices and other expenses may vary from program to program, students should be sure to contact their chosen institution directly for financial information and any aid that may be available.

One of the most common careers pursued by those who have completed an entrepreneurship course is business management. Many students choose to launch their own companies, pursuing business opportunities in a variety of industries. Graduates may also find work with existing businesses as analysts, managers, consultants, or assistants. Often, courses are used as a stepping stone for higher education.

If you are ready to take an online course in entrepreneurship management, start here. Simply search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Course: Lean Enterprise

Rowan University College of Business
Online Part time September 2018 USA Glassboro

he Management Institute introduces small and mid-sized companies to lean thinking methodologies through a training program that produces measurable results early in the training process and bottom line results by the end of the training. [+]

Top Online Courses in Entrepreneurship Management. Becoming a Lean Enterprise can bring significant benefits to your organization by reducing waste and improving efficiency.What If You Could ...- Deliver 99% On-time to Customers - Cut Lead Times by 60% - Reduce WIP Inventories by 70% and Finished Goods by 45% - Improve Sales/employee by 45% - Improve Space Utilization by 35% - Increase Throughput or Cash Flow by 55% - Achieve near Six-Sigma quality with a Quality Index of 98.6% These examples represent real world gains some businesses have realized as a result of using Lean techniques. The payoffs can be vast, enabling a company to achieve quantum leaps in competitiveness, customer satisfaction and profitability. Lean is no longer just for manufacturers ... service companies can now grow dramatically by becoming lean enterprises.Lean thinking has been successfully applied in non-manufacturing environments. For example, some hospitals have implemented 5S workplace organization programs in their operating rooms to ensure the highest level of efficiency. Visual controls and mistake proofing are principles that can be appropriately applied in a service environment so service companies can become much more successful.How to Think LeanIt's really very simple. Eliminate the waste in your production process and you will produce goods more efficiently and more profitably. Lean is all about learning how to reduce waste or "non-value" added steps in a process. Typically 80 to 95% of lead-time is non-value added, or waste.Practitioners have analyzed practices and have categorized eight areas where waste is found.Eight Wastes of Lean-... [-]