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Best Online Courses in Industrial Engineering 2017

An online course is a focused program that gives students an understanding of a specific subject within a virtual classroom. Courses generally only last a short amount of time and may allow a student to earn a certificate of completion.

What is an online course in industrial engineering? An industrial engineering course provides students with foundational ideas and methods for streamlining production processes. Courses may offer study in design solutions, industrial engineering tools and the analysis of systems. Other topics covered may include economics and finance, supply chain logistics, quality engineering and operations research. Problem models may be analyzed to help students recognize problems and approaches to take to solve them.

A program in industrial engineering may provide students with skills that can be helpful in any career, such as problem-solving and leadership. Students may also develop skills specific to industrial engineering that can help them with a current career in the field or a promotion.

The cost of an industrial engineering course may vary due to the school’s location, course length and any required materials. A student should inquire with his or her chosen school for a good cost estimate, including any financial aid information such as loans, scholarships and grants.

Students who complete an industrial engineering course often need to advance their education with a bachelor’s or master’s degree to become an industrial engineer, process engineer, design analysis engineer, product analytics engineer, industrial design manager, operations manager, rotational engineer or manufacturing engineer. However, a course may prepare a student to understand what will be learned in a degree program to determine if they would like to continue their education.

If you have an interest in improving industrial processes, then you may want to take an industrial engineering course to learn more. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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