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Energy Management

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Energy management programs explore sustainable energy practices and techniques. Skills learned may be beneficial for working in urban planning, engineering, sustainable living firms, the government and consulting firms in need of experts in energy conservation.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom and Britain, is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe.The two most famous (and oldest) universities are Oxford and Cambridge (often referred to as Oxbridge by many Britons) England also has several other world-class institutions, including several in London (notably Imperial College, the London School of Economics, University College London and King's College London, all are part of London University)

Online Course in Energy Management in United Kingdom

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Course in Solving the Energy Puzzle: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Energy Transition

Online Part time 7 weeks January 2019 United Kingdom UK Online

Learn how to analyze energy transition cases from technological, legal, economics, spatial, and social perspectives. [+]

Today, energy systems are confronted with pressing global challenges: economic and social development, poverty eradication, adequate food production, health for all, conservation of ecosystems, peace, and security. A major transformation – the energy transition - is required to address these challenges.

In this course we will take the multidisciplinary approach to examine the energy transition question, providing you with the framework and methods to analyze the question yourself. Will you solve the energy puzzle?

What topics will you cover? Energy transition and sustainability Technical aspects of energy transition Spatial Planning Integrated Energy System Psychological aspect of energy transition Law aspect of energy transition Energy Systems Economic aspect of energy transition What will you achieve? ... [-]

Course in Smart Grids for Smart Cities: Towards Zero Emissions

Online Part time 5 weeks January 2019 United Kingdom UK Online

Find out how smart grids and big data can help citizens, companies, and cities understand energy use and reduce carbon footprint. [+]

See how smart grids can help citizens, companies, and cities cut emissions

This online course provides a technological and behavioral framework to help citizens, companies, and cities to reduce their carbon footprint.

You’ll look at energy production models and use basic tools to integrate yourself into the energy production cycle. You’ll find out how smart grids work, at both a small and large scale. And you’ll collect big data from smart grids and analyze it to understand energy consumption.

Finally, you’ll look at how you can lobby public institutions, to boost energy innovation and sustainability, in both urban and rural environments.

What topics will you cover? The power and energy transition impact in the world economy How smart grids will enhance the era of information What is a smart city and how can we make cities smarter Smarts citizens: new forms of mobility and energy consumption and production New business models for smart cities What will you achieve? ... [-]

Course : Go Solar PV: The Business Potential of Solar Photovoltaics

Online Part time January 2019 United Kingdom UK Online

Explore the current state and future potential of solar PV technology, and get new insights into the solar photovoltaics market. [+]

Discover the PV business and expand your professional options.

Harnessing the power of the sun has been the dream of energy professionals for decades. Now, with solar photovoltaic technology becoming more and more affordable, scalable and accessible, that dream is getting closer to reality.

This online course looks at solar PV in depth, examining its potential for today and the near future, exploring the technical challenges, and assessing the commercial opportunities.

It offers you an unparalleled insight into the global solar power market and will give you the knowledge and practical details to shape and lead the future of solar energy.

What topics will you cover? Which are the drivers influencing the PV business Challenges associated with the world How to anticipate the changing market Business opportunities discovery How to develop a PV project of any type What will you achieve? ... [-]