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Degree programs are made up of single units of education often referred to as a course. Some universities offer online courses in order to reach students all over the globe. This type of education can take a few weeks or an entire year to complete.

What is an online course in econometrics? Econometrics is a specific branch of economics focused on integrating mathematics and statistics in the system. Courses may include a look at statistical regression models, analysis of economic data, the scope of economics, the estimation of economic parameters and the role of quantitative data. In order to impart this knowledge, professors often incorporate class discussions, lectures and exams into the online course. Students studying economics, international business and agricultural business may benefit from the knowledge gained in this type of course.

The statistical knowledge gained from a class in econometrics can be beneficial for professionals hoping to break into the world of economics. The communication and critical-thinking skills honed through this education may make it possible for participants to better impress hiring managers.

What is the cost of an online course in econometrics? This can depend on the school, the academic level, the program duration and the time of year. It may be best to contact the school you want to attend for an estimate because the cost of an online course can vary so much.

The greater understanding of econometrics gained through this online course can play a role in the type of jobs you qualify for after graduation. The degree program you complete and your previous work experience can also dictate the career opportunities available to you. Some students with similar education have gone on to become economists, public policymakers, bankers, financial consultants, farm real estate appraisers, farm managers, small business owners and professors.

Each program may have a slightly different focus. Find the one that is right for you and then apply. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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