Best Online Courses in Construction 2019/2020

An online course can be a great boon to students who desire to learn more about a chosen field without enrolling in a degree program. Because it's offered online, the course is accessible wherever the student has access to the internet and a computer. The time it takes to complete a course depends on the school and the subject matter.

What is an online course in construction? Such a course can cover a vast variety of subject matter. Depending on the course and the student focus, participants could learn about properly managing construction projects, different types of building materials and proper construction project planning. There's a chance course credit could be used toward earning a certificate for a construction profession, such as plumber, electrician, carpenter or mason.

One of the biggest benefits of completing a construction course is becoming a more proficient construction professional. Course participants who are already employed might desire to learn about the latest technology, laws, rules and regulations of their particular industry. Completing a course might also lead to higher earning potential or a promotion.

As for how much it costs to complete an online course in construction, prices vary. While taking a course online is a good way to save money, students have to consider the costs of books, course materials and any additional fees. It's best to contact admissions offices of schools to get the latest tuition and financial aid information.

After successfully completing an online course, scholars could be ready to jump back into their current jobs with the knowledge needed for a promotion to a higher position. Otherwise, the individual could have a solid foundation for a profession in the construction industry, including cost estimator, construction manager, plumber, glazier or painter. Taking a course could be enough to qualify an individual as a traditional construction worker, one who has more knowledge than a worker with little to no experience in the field.

Start constructing your ideal career today. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Extraordinary Course: Principles of Rehabilitation in Building. ... [+]

Extraordinary Course:

Principles of Rehabilitation in Building.

Custom time and duration.

20 hours. 2 Credits.

Cost: 90 € Ordinary Registration. 60 € University students.

Certificate: Every two months will be issued an Official Diploma issued by the University of Salamanca. Know the study and work phases of a rehabilitation and restoration project. Study a real building restoration project, to familiarize yourself with the usual work methodology in a restoration and rehabilitation project.

The student will add value to their projects and working groups.

PROGRAM Rehabilitation Methodology. (Professor Roberto Silguero). Preliminar... [-]
Spain Salamanca
September 2020
20 hours
Distance Learning Centre

The Advanced Property Development - Level 4 Course teaches the student what is involved in this highly challenging business area, teaching important skills and how to und ... [+]

The Advanced Property Development - Level 4 Course teaches the student what is involved in this highly challenging business area, teaching important skills and how to undertake a successful project.

The course also covers subjects such as Health and Safety, Project Management and Construction and will help students you to tackle large projects and ensure you have the skills to see the development through to the end.

You will be assessed on coursework which is detailed in the course materials. Most coursework consists of short paragraph answers to set questions. Your work can be sent back to your course tutor by email or by post.

The course is split into 4 separate units:... [-]

United Kingdom UK Online
Open Enrollment
200 hours