Online Course in Computer Security in United Kingdom

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Computer Security

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Online Course in Computer Security in United Kingdom

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Course CompTIA IT Fundamentals (FC0-U51)

Online Part time Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online Langley Marish

Seek opportunities in the IT industry by gaining the vital knowledge encompassed in this CompTIA IT Fundamentals course which covers the foundational computing concepts from hardware to IT security. [+]

What are the objectives of this course?

From a basic introduction to common computer components through to advanced techniques in maintaining security and performance of a desktop PC, students will have a good understanding of common PC issues and how to resolve them.

The basic principles and use of operating systems like Microsoft Windows. Managing software and file types. Understanding computer peripherals and common ports and connectors used by modern PC hardware. Identifying and protecting against basic security threats and surfing the web safely. Building and configuring a basic network and sharing data with other network users. The basic use of a computer workstation, operating system and software. Simple troubleshooting techniques and safety techniques. Who is it intended for? ... [-]