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Computer Security

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Course Online in Computer Security in Europe

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Course CompTIA IT Fundamentals (FC0-U51)

Online Part time Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online Langley Marish

Seek opportunities in the IT industry by gaining the vital knowledge encompassed in this CompTIA IT Fundamentals course which covers the foundational computing concepts from hardware to IT security. [+]

Top Online Courses in Computer Security in Europe. What are the objectives of this course? From a basic introduction to common computer components through to advanced techniques in maintaining security and performance of a desktop PC, students will have a good understanding of common PC issues and how to resolve them. The basic principles and use of operating systems like Microsoft Windows. Managing software and file types. Understanding computer peripherals and common ports and connectors used by modern PC hardware. Identifying and protecting against basic security threats and surfing the web safely. Building and configuring a basic network and sharing data with other network users. The basic use of a computer workstation, operating system and software. Simple troubleshooting techniques and safety techniques. Who is it intended for? The course is ideal for Junior IT technicians who need to develop their knowledge of computer basics or anyone who would like to improve their knowledge to move into the IT industry and study towards industry-approved qualifications. Requirements There are no pre-requisites for this course. What marks this course apart? Once you have taken the IT fundamentals course you will be able to go onto further IT study – such as A+, Network+ or Security+ depending on your desired role in the industry. That would prepare you for most roles in IT such as system administrator, network engineer and support technician. What happens after requesting information? Once you have enquired you will be contacted by one of our specialist careers advisors who will... [-]

Course - Computer Security

Campus Universitario Europeo
Online Full time Part time 6 months September 2018 Spain Málaga A Coruña Madrid + 3 more

The increased use of computers and communication systems that store, process and share large amounts of information is being dramatically in [+]

Course - Computer Security The increasing use of computers and communication systems that store, process and share large amounts of information is being dramatically in recent years. This fact causes, increasingly, a larger number of organizations consider their information and technology associated with it, as one of your most important assets. In the same manner as required for the other assets of the company, the quality requirements and information security are indispensable. The company management should establish a security system suitable to support and ensure correct operation of the business processes. Moreover, today there are laws such as the Protection of Personal Data, to require compliance with a set of minimum security measures to protect the infor- formation of people. These laws, today, affecting almost all companies. This course aims to address computer security in the business analyzing the possible hazards and measures to be implemented to ensure the proper functioning of the systems and and their protection.... [-]