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Computer Security

An online course is a short program that specializes in one topic area and may be utilized in a virtual classroom. Students may complete a course in a few weeks, or it may last a few months, depending on the structure and content.

What is an online course in computer security? A computer security course typically covers the skills and knowledge necessary to protect a computer system or network. Courses may cover software design, security principles, programming and computer science. A focus on cyber security measures typically help students learn how these systems are designed and implemented. Students may also learn about web security, cryptography and secure coding. Some courses may also cover forensics, auditing and system administration.

Completing a program may allow students to gain skills and knowledge to work in cyber security. Students may be able to learn enough to advance their careers or to enter the field of information system management and security. Graduates often find that they can negotiate better wages with higher education under their belts.

General estimates are difficult to give due to variances between courses from school to school. Students will get the most accurate cost estimates by contacting their school of choice directly.

After completing a program, students may have the skills needed to start a career in cyber security, working for a variety of employers, including government agencies and private companies. Career options may include network security engineer, system architect, information technology professional, app developer and software engineer. Further study may be needed for some positions, so students may use a computer security course as a stepping stone toward a degree.

If you have a need to learn more about cybersecurity, then you may want to consider taking a course in computer security. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Course CompTIA IT Fundamentals (FC0-U51)

Online Part time Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online Langley Marish

Seek opportunities in the IT industry by gaining the vital knowledge encompassed in this CompTIA IT Fundamentals course which covers the foundational computing concepts from hardware to IT security. [+]

What are the objectives of this course?

From a basic introduction to common computer components through to advanced techniques in maintaining security and performance of a desktop PC, students will have a good understanding of common PC issues and how to resolve them.

The basic principles and use of operating systems like Microsoft Windows. Managing software and file types. Understanding computer peripherals and common ports and connectors used by modern PC hardware. Identifying and protecting against basic security threats and surfing the web safely. Building and configuring a basic network and sharing data with other network users. The basic use of a computer workstation, operating system and software. Simple troubleshooting techniques and safety techniques. Who is it intended for? ... [-]

Fundamentals Of Ethical Hacking: Practical Course

Online Part time 21 hours September 2018 USA USA Online Turkey Turkey Online Ireland Ireland Online + 4 more

How to learn to complete a complete PenTest by means of several practical examples [+]

How to learn to perform a complete PenTest through several practical examples.

What will I learn? Understand the importance of professional Ethical Hacker in the job market; Understand the legal aspects of the profession of Pentester; Develop skills in linux environments and understand the operation of TCP / IP stack protocols; Understand the types of invasion testing and when to apply them; To know techniques of exploration of failures in computational environments. Perform a Penetration Test, fulfilling all the necessary technical steps; Understand the types of documentation that should be delivered to the customer at the end of the Penetration Test. Requirements You should already be familiar with the basics of networking and operating systems Description ... [-]

Basics Of Professional Ethical Hacking

Online Part time 5 hours September 2018 USA USA Online Turkey Turkey Online Ireland Ireland Online + 4 more

I take you from scratch, step by step so you understand the Security [+]

I take you from scratch, step by step so that you understand Security.

What will I learn? The importance of Information Security. Elements that make up Security. Several facets in the Hacking cycle. The types of Hacker attacks. The Hacktivism. Ethical Hacking The search for vulnerabilities and their tools. Steps to conduct the Ethical Hacking. Computer crimes and their implications. The Cyberleyes that prevail around the world. Requirements  Basic PC management. Description

In this first part of my course on the Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking, of a Professional nature, you will learn the following.

The importance of security in the current times (analysis of real cases). Essential terminologies and case studies. All the elements of which Security is composed (confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, availability). The types of Hackers (Ethical, black hat, gray hat, formerHackers). The phases used by an attacker in the Hacking cycle (scanning, hoovering, enumeration, gaining access, housekeeping or maintaining access). We will see all the types of attacks that are known (to the operating system, by code reduction, at the application level, by configuration error). We will define what is understood by Hacktivism and we will give real examples. Ethical Hacking (profile of skills, types of approach, how to become one). Search for vulnerabilities and tools (research, fuzzing, 0-day). Conducting Ethical Hacking (types of reports, carte blanche, holy grail, pit type). Computer crimes and their implications. Who is it for? Anyone interested in Security and its deficiencies. Program of this course Introduction Terms and elements that make up... [-]

Ethical Hacking: The Complete Course

Online Part time 9 hours September 2018 USA USA Online Turkey Turkey Online Ireland Ireland Online + 4 more

Learn the basics of computer security to protect yourself from cyber attacks. [+]

Learn the basics of computer security to protect yourself from cyber attacks.

What will I learn? Understand the methods and tools used to hack you to defend and defeat them. Secure computer systems, networks, and websites. Create your own test lab to practice without breaking. Understand how systems, networks and computing work in general. Detect computer vulnerabilities in your computer systems, and fix them. Acquire you too this essential knowledge in the years to come in view of the growing number of cyberattacks. Take your digital life in hand, by updating you technically. Teach you the basics of computer security you have learned. Prepare yourself for jobs in the field of information systems security, or certifications like CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Discover a new world, the mysterious face of IT, and put your skills to the benefit of those around you or your customers. And many others... requirements You must have some basic computer skills. You must have a Windows or Linux machine (Mac has not been tested). But you must above all be in a good mood and want to learn! Description ... [-]

Hacking With Nmap: Portscanning And Vulnerability Analysis

Online Part time 8 hours September 2018 USA USA Online Turkey Turkey Online Ireland Ireland Online + 4 more

Learn how to make the most of the hacking tool Nmap for scanning networks and detecting vulnerabilities [+]

Learn how to make the most of the hacking tool Nmap for scanning networks and detecting vulnerabilities.

What will I learn? Use Host Discovery to discover active systems on the network Use the different portscan types to identify open ports and services Determine software and version of services and operating systems Optimize an Nmap scan Work around firewalls and IDS / IPS with Nmap Use NSE and Nmap scripts specifically and develop them yourself Use additional tools such as Zenmap, ncat and ndiff effectively conditions You should have a solid basic knowledge of networking Windows, Linux and TCP / IP should not be foreign words for you No profound knowledge of TCP / IP is required, all necessary information is provided in the course A high level of motivation and affinity with the topic of network & security will help you get the most out of the course Description ... [-]

Course - Computer Security

Campus Universitario Europeo
Online Full time Part time 6 months September 2018 Spain Málaga A Coruña Madrid + 3 more

The increased use of computers and communication systems that store, process and share large amounts of information is being dramatically in [+]

Course - Computer Security The increasing use of computers and communication systems that store, process and share large amounts of information is being dramatically in recent years. This fact causes, increasingly, a larger number of organizations consider their information and technology associated with it, as one of your most important assets. In the same manner as required for the other assets of the company, the quality requirements and information security are indispensable. The company management should establish a security system suitable to support and ensure correct operation of the business processes. Moreover, today there are laws such as the Protection of Personal Data, to require compliance with a set of minimum security measures to protect the infor- formation of people. These laws, today, affecting almost all companies. This course aims to address computer security in the business analyzing the possible hazards and measures to be implemented to ensure the proper functioning of the systems and and their protection.... [-]