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A course is designed to help a person broaden their professional and personal skill sets on a subject of interest. In some cases, it can help a person qualify for advanced studies. A program’s duration can range between several weeks and months to complete.

What is a course in commercial management? This credential teaches students the fundamentals of identifying business opportunities for a company and executing them to fit that organization’s goals. This is a highly specialized field that focuses on how to develop strategies for a company’s commercial interests, ensuring they are competitive in the marketplace and minimizing the risks involved. Students also can learn how to manage projects and negotiate the best deals for an organization. In some programs, they have an opportunity to review different case studies of successful commercial management projects that they can learn from.

This type of coursework often can improve students' skills in analyzing research data by applying critical thinking and decision-making in terms of choosing which opportunities best match a company’s objectives. They can also improve communications skills for negotiating deals and implementing plans.

The price of a course depends on several factors: the school’s tuition, fees and other related costs. For anyone who wants to learn more about commercial management, it’s advisable to research different programs to find one that fits a student’s goals.

Successful completion of a course in commercial management can help students enter the workforce as commercial managers, compensation and benefits representatives, bankers in the commercial sector, supply chain managers, contract managers or business developers. Careers can be found in a variety of industries, such as oil and gas, energy or any other company that has commercial business interests.

This course is available at numerous educational institutions around the globe. However, some students prefer a more flexible program, in which cases there are online options available for them. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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What are the objectives of this course?

This module is the first of three management level units that you will cover as part of the CIMA qualification.

Gain insight into the varying competitive environments that exist, and the key characteristics of them, including PEST analysis, stakeholder mapping and competitor analysis. Delve into the development of strategic management, including established and emergent thinking and strategy formulations. Discuss the tools and techniques that you require for project management, frameworks and structures to ensure that targets are reached. Learn how to produce a basic project plan, including the use of strategies for dealing with uncertainty. Learn how to make continual improvements to a project including the evaluation of planned changes to projects and risk management. Understand the importance of post-completion audits, review the activities within the project and justify their costs. Learn how to produce a strategy for a project, and understand the importance of a project manager, whilst also evaluating the relationship between them and the external environment. Understand the concepts of power, bureaucracy, delegation and leadership within an organisation and understand the importance of the organisational culture within the general operations of a business. Learn how to manage conflict within an organization, so that working relationships are as harmonious as possible. Learn how to manage people, including the legalities and communication aspects and delve deeper into the relationships between management and their teams. Understand the need for disciplinary procedures, and how conflict can be kept to a minimum with the use... [-]
United Kingdom UK Online Slough
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EAN University

Globalization and technology development have made of market competition a more intense and fierce competition; therefore, companies, in order to survive and make profits ... [+]

Distance Specialization in Marketing and Commercial Management

Globalization and technology development have made of market competition a more intense and fierce competition; therefore, companies, in order to survive and make profits, need the best specialists in marketing because marketing is essential to conquering the market, drive competition, sell more and generate profits. Indeed, it is one of the most demanded and better-paid professions. Every company needs qualified professionals to plan, organize and manage decisions on pricing, distribution, promotion and after-sales services.

Distinguish yourself! Be a successful businessman or professional, and study the Specialization in Marketing and Commercial Management jointly developed by Universidad EAN and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – CEPADE. This specialization is supported by an updated curriculum, qualified tutors, state-of-the-art technology, a virtual library, and a business and entrepreneurship focus; and can be coursed on-line –from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.... [-]

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