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An online course is a way for students to take a class via the internet. Often, readings and lectures are delivered online, and students turn in assignments via electronic uploads. These courses can generally be taken on a student’s own schedule, making them an excellent choice for busy or nontraditional students.

So what is an online course in commerce? This type of educational option is meant to teach students all about the buying and selling of products, services, and resources, especially on a large scale. Topics covered in these courses might include accounting, cash flow management, retail practices, or business theory. This course might help students fulfill the requirements toward a business, finance, or economics diploma, or help them continue their education without a formal degree program.

A number of benefits can be gained from taking one of these courses; students may find that they have a deeper understanding of principles and applications that they will encounter during their future career. Additionally, a course like this might help boost critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The cost of an online course in commerce may depend on a number of different factors. Students should be sure to take tuition, fees, and the costs of books and materials into account. Contact your chosen institution to learn more.

A course in commerce can help prepare students for a wide variety of potential career paths. Some potential directions are accounting, finance, or budgeting. Those with experience in commerce may also pursue business administration or management. A number of students may go on to launch their own businesses while others often find work with small, medium, or large corporations in a variety of fields.

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Course in Commercialization of Social Enterprises: Stemming the Tide of Mission Drift

Online Part time 5 weeks November 2018 United Kingdom UK Online

Many social enterprises are becoming more commercial, adopting the techniques, funding or governance more usually associated with for-profit ventures. [+]

Many social enterprises are becoming more commercial, adopting the techniques, funding or governance more usually associated with for-profit ventures. In this online course, social enterprise and microfinance experts from Université Libre de Bruxelles and their guests will shed new light on this trend. They will ask how commercialization affects the management and operations of social enterprises, and which avenues could or should be used to avoid mission drift.

What topics will you cover?

Why social entrepreneurs innovate The motivations behind starting a social enterprise; new data related to inequality and happiness; the link between financial exclusion and poverty; and how social innovation has tried to tackle these problems. Microfinance practices The basics of microfinance, covering its historical roots and evolution, and the current provision of financial and non-financial services. When a not-for-profit becomes a for-profit organization How institutions evolve beyond the not-for-profit structure; case studies exploring the impact, both internally and externally, of such a transition; and the concept of mission drift. Sources of financing, mission drift and zoom out How different sources of financing impact the social mission of microfinance institutions; the different strategies and practices to avoid mission drift in social enterprises; and what is specific to the commercialization of microfinance and what is common to all social enterprises.... [-]