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Do you want to study in Oceania? The two most in demand study destinations on Oceania: Australia and New Zealand, both together offer a uncommon and very distinctive study adventure.

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Europroject and Project Management Course

Unitelma Sapienza
Online Part time Open Enrollment Italy Rome

The Europroject and Project Management Course provides all the required knowledge, tools and competences to design, plan and manage a European project. [+]

Top Online Courses in Business in Oceania. The Europroject and Project Management Course provides knowledge and competences to design, plan and manage a European project. What you will learn The course consists of 16 video lessons. The first section concerns the definition of the reference regulatory and institutional framework. The second section refers to the conception of a project. The third part concerns the actual design, both from the technical, the financial and the management point of view. The fourth section deals with the themes of the management and coordination of a project. The last lesson of each section is devoted to a case study. The Europroject and Project Management Course at Unitelma Sapienza Teaching The course is entirely realized by dr. Antonio Maria D'Amico. Students who enroll in the course will benefit from the assistance of the same lecturer for a period of up to four months. This period is established - without prejudice to the possibility of a more accelerated duration – on the basis of listening to video lessons and studying the subject at the rate of one lesson per week. Suitability and Admission Requirements The course is addressed to civil servants, employees of private companies and professionals, college students, and doctoral researchers, who are involved for professional reasons in projects funded by the European Union. At least a high school diploma is required to enrol the course. Duration Access to the platform will be allowed for a period of eight months from the date of enrolment. After completing the course the student will receive a certificate of participation. The course does not grant credits (ECTS). Fees The registration fee for the course is € 350.00. In the case of simultaneous registration of three or more students from the same organization, the fee is reduced to € 300.00. To this purpose please inquire us using the Contact Us form in order to receive a discount coupon to be entered during the checkout process. To enrol in this course now, please click on the following link - Europroject and Project Management Training Course [-]