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Best Online Courses in Key Account Management 2017

Key Account Management

Online courses use the internet as their classroom. This format allows busy or distant learners to have access to many different subjects.

What is an online course in key account management? Online courses that look at this particular sales strategy can be found at several different types of institutions, from professional education companies to national universities. Since selling is often a team effort, many of these courses are offered as group growth experiences. These courses might include remote experts leading virtual classrooms to synergize with individual study modules on problem solving and strategy implementation. There are also individual key account management programs available online. Topics of these personal programs might include sections on how to defend important accounts from competition. Duration of the courses can range from a few quick online modules to a larger team experience.

Enterprise-level sales groups that complete account management strategy courses online might see increased value connection and co-creation occurring in sales teams and client partnerships. Individuals might use the strategies and skills to strengthen value in a specific account or promote entrepreneurial efforts.

These courses vary in cost based on the number of participants and the types of materials offered. Check with the school for an accurate estimate of your tuition.

Online courses in key account management can be used to build success in a company or to create opportunities for professional advancement. An example of a position that requires these skills is a job in international business development. These opportunities can involve high-level sales actions requiring world travel and absolute confidence in handling international clients. Assistant managers of sales might also benefit from an online course in the subject. These professionals usually coordinate with other corporate departments internally and efficiently implement sales strategies when directed by account managers.

Each online course in the subject offers something slightly different. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Course in Real Estate

International Career Institute
Online Full time Part time Open Enrollment United Kingdom London

A career in the real estate industry is known for being highly lucrative but intensely challenging. Without solid training and insider tips, you may not even get your foot in the door. [+]

Top Online Courses in Key Account Management. A career in the real estate industry is known for being highly lucrative but intensely challenging. Without solid training and insider tips, you may not even get your foot in the door. This is why you need to take ICI’s real estate program. Our course is guided by TAFE and set with real estate industry standards to give you the best background when establishing a career in real estate. Course Outline Students assume the position of an employee at the Virtual Realty agency. Real-life scenarios are presented and students will interact with the staff and clients of Virtual Realty as they go through the course activities. The course is divided into four segments: Property sales Property management Agency services Business practices There is also an elective unit in State Registration to Practice. Career Prospects This career route is perfect for people who view competition as a challenge rather than a hindrance. If you are one of these individuals and you have exceptional communication and people skills, then you won’t regret a career in the real estate industry. Real estate agents are expected to be knowledgeable in buying and selling as well as assess, manage, or lease properties. They are a great asset to their clients and act on these tasks on their behalf. Real estate industry beams with many tricks and secrets so you need to be cautious when selecting a course. [-]