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Taking a course in your field of interest can open the door for a post-secondary degree, a job in a related industry or simply gaining knowledge about a topic that fascinates you. The time needed to complete the course depends upon the number of credit hours it includes and the degree, if any, you are pursuing.

What is an online course in biotechnology? Biotechnology refers to the modification of living organisms for purposes of research and advances in diverse fields, including medicine, agriculture and the environment. Students may learn about topics ranging from the genetic modification of crops and their use for biofuels, to the development of small molecule pharmaceutical drugs. The course may include segments on chemistry, biology, genomics and other branches of science.

Students in an online biotechnology course may develop skills in many areas, such as research, technology and management. Studies in this field are likely to prepare you to address some of the most critical issues facing the world today.

The cost per course may vary between schools, depending upon the number of credit hours the class entails. If you have any questions about finances, contact the school that most interests you. 

A course in biotechnology may prepare you to work as a research technician or lab assistant, or in another research capacity both within and outside of the biotechnology industry. However, this course also may be helpful for obtaining work across many sectors, including manufacturing, marketing, quality control and engineering. Graduates may end up working in agriculture, medicine, or environmental preservation.

When you are working full time, it can be difficult to fit classes into your schedule. That is why academic institutions worldwide are offering courses online for the convenience of students who need flexible hours. To find the biotechnology online course that interests you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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