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An online course is a class that usually takes no longer than one academic year to complete. Courses typically focus on a single skill or set of knowledge, and they may be taken individually or in groups as part of a degree program.

What is an online course in aviation? A class in aviation could focus on safety, communication, technology, navigation, ground support, aircraft systems, flight theory, physics, simulation, maneuvers, security, meteorology, aviation emergency, or air law. Depending on the goal students have in mind, they could choose a course that focuses on the abstract theory of flight, the concrete skills of piloting, the science of a ground crew, or other areas of knowledge related to aviation. The course could be centered on private piloting or commercial airlines.

While a piloting license almost always requires students to complete practical flight training, the skills students learn in an aviation course can help prepare them for flight school. An aviation class may also teach valuable skills, such as staying calm under pressure, hospitality, or spacial awareness.

Aviation course costs vary depending on country and school. Students should contact the school of their choice to find out the price and whether scholarships are available to them.

By taking a course in aviation, you may be able to start your way toward a career as an avionics technician, ground staff member, commercial or transport pilot, cabin crew member or coordinator, dispatcher, in-flight medic, or navigator. You may also be able to pursue a private pilot’s license. Many career paths in aviation do not involve piloting; a warm personality and a course in cabin crew training could lead to a position as a steward or stewardess, or a knack for communications and a course in dispatching could lead to a job at a flight terminal.

Fly into new knowledge with an online course. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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