Best Online Courses in Auditing 2019

An online course is often a good way to boost your education by receiving instruction via the internet. These programs may be useful for those who would have logistical difficulties with a traditional classroom since online courses do not require attendance at a specific time or location.

If you are looking for courses to take, you might be curious: What is an online course in auditing? This type of program educates students about the branch of accounting that deals with examining an organization’s financial practices. Courses may cover subjects such as bookkeeping, accounting software, quality control, management, budgeting, and financial disclosures. Some courses may cover other business-related subjects, depending on whether they offer the auditing course independently or as part of a larger program.

Many advantages can be gained by those who take auditing courses. For example, students can gain valuable skills that may help them protect against malfeasance or mismanagement, which can serve them well both in a career and in other areas of life. Additionally, these courses may help a student’s progress toward earning standard accounting qualifications.

Often, potential accounting students are concerned about the costs of online courses. Since tuition and fees may vary from program to program, it is recommended that students do thorough financial research before enrolling.

Those who pursue these types of courses might be able to find work as an auditor in a varied range of industries. Many organizations may seek accounting professionals, including small, medium, and large corporations, government bodies, and nonprofit groups. Those with experience in auditing may choose to work with existing accounting firms, or they may decide to open their own businesses.

If you’re ready to take one of these courses, it’s often easy to get started. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Continue your journey towards achieving the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification and plunge into the P2 Performance Management course. ... [+]

What are the objectives of this course?

The P2 Performance Management course contributes to the attainment of the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification.

Understand the implications of cost and revenue, with regards to pricing and product decisions. Learn the principles of decision-making and understand the conflict issues that can arise during decision-making processes, and how to deal with them effectively. Learn how to analyse short-term pricing and product decisions, and how uncertainty and risk can impact decision models using CVP analysis. Get to grips with pricing strategies, and understand the financial consequences that are involved, including profit maximisation, market skimming and product bundles. Learn how to evaluate techniques for analysing and managing costs to ensure competitive advantage. Compare and contrast functional cost analysis and value analysis. Learn how to prepare cost of quality reports, and understand and apply the key elements of Pareto analysis. Understand the principles that contribute to the use of budgets in control, including the concept of responsibility accounting and the various controllable and uncontrollable costs that can be encountered. Learn how to evaluate performance-using budgets, using ratio analysis, ‘what if’ scenarios and using both fixed and flexible budget reports. Apply your knowledge of budgets in control to more diverse managerial issues. Learn more about the structure of an organisation, and the implications that it has on responsibility accounting. Apply decision-making knowledge that you have acquired to scenarios suitable for cost centre managers and investment centre managers. Gain insight into the consequences that can occur following... [-]
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