Online Course in Animation

Best Online Courses in Animation 2017

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Online Course in Animation

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Course : Explore Animation

Online Part time 4 weeks June 2018 United Kingdom UK Online

Learn animation techniques, including stop motion, 2D, CGI and pixilation, with award-winning animators, in this free NFTS course. [+]

Top Online Courses in Animation. Whether you’re a budding animator or a fan of animation who wants to understand more about what happens behind-the-scenes, this free online course from the internationally acclaimed National Film and Television School (NFTS) will have something for you. Over four weeks, our team of award-winning animators will take you through their approach to telling stories and demystify their own animation technique. Each week, our contributors will use examples from their own work, as well as the animated films that have influenced and inspired them, to enable you to explore different forms of animation: 1 - Stop motion or stop frame animation. 2 - 2D or cel animation. 3 - Big-scale animation in the real world. 4 - CGI or 3D computer animation. The NFTS has teamed up with Creative Skillset to offer this course. Explore Animation features a number of award-winning short films made by recent graduates of the NFTS, and opportunities for you to try out small-scale animation techniques. What topics will you cover? how stopmotion animation works how cel animation works how pixilation animation works and the use of big scale animation CGI or 3D animation What will you achieve? By the end of the course, you'll be able to... Experiment with a variety of animation techniques Explore ideas about how animation works Produce short animations and share them with others Reflect upon own work and that of others Who is the course for? This course doesn’t require any existing, specialist animation skills... [-]