Best Online Courses in Applied Arts 2019/2020

For those interested in learning about subjects ranging from finance to art, taking an academic course can provide theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as the enjoyment of learning a new subject. Courses vary in length of time, cost and number of sessions each week.

What is a course in applied arts? Since ancient times, people have used art to enhance the beauty of everyday objects, a skill now referred to as applied art. Those with an aptitude for interior decorating can take courses that teach the fundamentals of design as well as the entrepreneurial skills required to begin a business. Students can study marketing and finances as well. Others can investigate commercial photography or combine artistic and technical skills by learning graphic design.

Besides honing their artistic abilities, students can learn business management and project planning skills. Becoming adept at business finances can benefit students in their personal budgeting as well.

Courses in applied arts can be taken singly or as part of a continuing education plan. Costs vary depending on the educational aims of the student and the institution offering the courses. Students should research the possibilities.

Those who take a course in applied arts as part of a degree path can consider careers as commercial, graphic or fashion designers. Interior designer and animator are also considered applied art careers. If a student does not pursue an advanced degree, the skills learned in the course about beginning a business can help launch an entrepreneurial career in interior design or set design. Others can find positions as visual merchandisers or designers of exhibits.

Online courses for applied arts abound, or you may choose to take a class at a local university or college where the opportunity for hands-on projects can enhance the educational experience. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Fashion - Online Fashion Design School

Sewing is one of the most critical disciplines in fashion design. Our sewing video lessons cover everything from learning how to thread a sewing machine to learn how to s ... [+]

What is the University of Fashion?

The University of Fashion works very differently than most fashion design schools. We don’t charge a separate tuition fee for each individual class you take. Instead, we give you 24/7, on-demand access to all of our many hundreds of full-length video lessons for a low yearly subscription fee.

UoF’s lessons are taught exclusively by fashion school professors and industry professionals, never by amateurs. You’ll see the exact same lectures and "how-to" demonstrations taught by the best fashion schools, but without rigid class times at inconvenient locations. Instead, you decide what, when and where you want to learn.

The University of Fashion offers lessons in all the major fashion disciplines: draping, pattern making, CAD pattern making, accessories, sewing, fashion art, knits, business, product development, lectures, CAD fashion art, childrenswear and more.... [-]

USA New York
Open Enrollment
International Career Institute

ICI gives you the opportunity to learn interior decoration and design conveniently and quickly. More importantly, you will learn all the skills needed to become successfu ... [+]

ICI gives you the opportunity to learn interior decoration and design conveniently and quickly. More importantly, you will learn all the skills needed to become successful in the field since our course is developed with acclaimed professionals in the industry.

Course Outline Introduction to Interior Design and Decoration Elements of Principles of Design Functional and Decorative Use of Colour Lighting Effects on Colour Planning a Harmonious Decorative Colour Scheme for a Client Light and Colour I Light and Colour II Light and Colour III Decorating Styles How to Decorate (Step by Step) Building Systems and Components Materials Furnishings Interior Planting Job Seeking Skills Starting Your Own Interior Design Business Career Prospects ... [-]
United Kingdom London
Open Enrollment