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Best Online Courses in Air Traffic Control 2018

An online course aims to offer the same level of education as traditional classroom learning. The difference is that most online courses are administered completely over the internet.

What is an online course in air traffic control? Courses in this subject may consist of a single semester's worth of work examining the different aspects of air traffic control, or they might be part of a larger study of the subject in the context of a professional degree program. As such, the course material varies from one institution to another. A single course might examine several topics during the course of its online modules, like airport operations or the ways that weather affects air traffic control, for example. The larger degree programs often go into detail on these subjects in addition to examining the context of air traffic control through classes in scientific and social subjects, such as physics and psychology.

The prime benefit of taking an online course in air traffic control is usually a greater understanding of aviation management topics. This knowledge can be helpful for both existing and prospective professionals in the aviation industry as a way to advance careers and enhance performance.

Costs of online courses are highly variable. It's best to contact schools that offer interesting programs directly for an accurate estimate.

An online course in air traffic control is often designed to prepare students for success in a career as an air traffic controller. Placement in these positions is competitive and the schedules are rigorous. Often, a low retirement age is mandated: an aspect of the job usually offset by relatively high annual salaries. The duties of an air traffic controller include timely and accurate communication of relevant details to pilots in order to safely direct aircraft. Other possible careers for students who complete these courses exist in the management of ground operations or aviation facilities.

The best way to find an appropriate course is to consider as many as possible. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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