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Operations Management

Courses are individual units of study that can be taken singly or as a series of classes concentrated in a specific area of study. Individual classes can vary in length, cost, and number of sessions per week.

Operations management is a collective term that refers to a number of actions intended to help a business streamline its processes and deliver products and services in accordance with clients’ wishes. Those studying operations management often cover topics including factory or production management, cost control and systems analysis.

Europe is the sixth largest continent and includes 47 countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Asia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.

Course Online in Operations Management in Europe

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Clearing and Forwarding Courses

Online Full time Part time 2 - 6 months Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online + 1 more

These courses will cover the Clearing and Forwarding industry with a particular focus on International Contracts and Payments, Sea Freight and Customs. [+]

Top Online Courses in Operations Management in Europe. Clearing and Forwarding Courses We are a global college therefore all our courses are online courses. Clearing and Forwarding Courses Pilot Certificate Courses These courses will cover the Clearing and Forwarding industry with a particular focus on International Contracts and Payments, Sea Freight and Customs. All our courses are online course. Complete all 11 Pilot Certificates and you may write your Clearing and Forwarding Diploma. You may either complete your Diploma as a single course (at a lower cost) or complete the Pilot Certificate courses individually to accumulate all your credits to attain your Diploma over a longer period. If you intend to obtain your Diploma we recommend you attempt the Pilot Certificate courses in the order they are listed below. Course Requirements English language, all courses are written in English as this is the primary language of global business. Computer, internet connection and printer (should you wish to print the course). A valid e-mail address. Time set aside to study as per the course requirements Course structure 2 weeks part time or 4 days full time. A soft copy of your full course module in a PDF format will be available on the e-campus for you to download. You will then be able to print a hard copy for study purposes if you choose. Final mark = 100% Pass mark = 65% Learner support Personal e-Tutor - You will be nominated a personal e-Tutor, all communication with your e-Tutor will be... [-]

CIMA Professional - Operational Level (P1) Performance Operations

Online Part time Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online Langley Marish

Move one step closer to achieving the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification by signing up for this training course which will fully prepare you for the Operational Level (P1) Performance Operations exam. [+]

What are the objectives of this course? The P1 Enterprise operations course covers one of the nine units that make up the prestigious CIMA Professional Chartered Management Account qualification. It will introduce you to some of the Fundamental aspects of Business Accounting. Learn how to apply costing methods, within costing systems, including the reconciliation of budgeted and actual profit margins. Understand the concepts of planning and operational variances, as well as the various standards and variances within service industries, public services and professions. Get to grips with the concept of benchmarking, and learn how to prepare reports using a range of internal and external benchmarks with the ability to interpret the results. Explain both the MRP and ERP systems. Learn about how internalised costs such as emissions, tax and waste disposal can affect the environment. Understand the need for forecasts, plans and budgets within an organisation, and how to resolve issues when conflicts within them arise. Apply a variety of forecasting techniques to calculate product/service volumes, as well as projected revenues and costs. Learn how to prepare a budget based on forecasts, projections and managerial targets. Understand and explain the processes that are involved in making long-term decisions, and learn how to calculate cash flows to ensure the long-term decisions are the right ones. Consider both financial and non-financial aspects during the decision making process, and prepare supporting documents to emphasise the key points. Learn how to evaluate project proposals based on investment appraisal techniques. Learn how to analyse the... [-]

CIMA Professional - Operational Level (E1) Enterprise Operations

Online Part time Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online Langley Marish

Advance your accountancy skills and expertise to the next level with this course in Enterprise Operations, which is part of the highly acclaimed CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification. [+]

Top Online Courses in Operations Management in Europe. What are the objectives of this course? The E1 Enterprise operations course covers one of the nine units that make up the prestigious CIMA Professional Chartered Management Account qualification. Gain insight into the social, political and economic context of business, including the emergence of major economies across the world, the importance of offshoring and outsourcing and the impact of international macroeconomic developments upon an organisation’s competitive environment. Understand the relationship between internal and external governance of an organisation. Understand the value of information and the reason for the increased dependence on information systems seen by organisations worldwide, as well as how these information systems are transforming as technology advances. Learn how to overcome problems that can be faced while implementing information systems, and how to manage information system activities with respect to the wider organisation, including the related costs, benefits, security issues and system changeover methods. Learn about the different methods of quality measurement and how to implement a quality programme. Explore the concept of marketing, defining the term and the variation in marketing environment, as well as the various theories of consumer behaviour. Understand the relationship between market research, segmentation, positioning and targeting and learn how to apply various tools within each section of the mix. Explain the role of branding and brand equity within an organisation’s marketing strategy. Learn more about the role of Human Resources within an organisation, its functions and how the department can contribute positively towards a... [-]

CIMA Professional - Chartered Management Accounting (Operational E1, P1, F1, Management E2, P2, F2 & Strategic E3, P3, F3)

Online Part time Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online Langley Marish

Enhance your decision-making skills across all areas of business with one of the courses that is considered to be one of the most relevant finance qualifications for business professionals from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). [+]

What are the objectives of this course? The course is broken down into three sets of objectives, so you can develop yourself across the board of operational, management and strategic essentials. Grasp the fundamental elements of organisation management, inclusive of buyer behaviour, marketing aspects, information systems and legal issues. Learn how to apply your established accounting knowledge to financial matters. This will include budgets, variance analysis, cash flow forecasts and investments, for optimum efficiency. Understand the layout of financial statements and demonstrate confidence with regards to tax, audits, assets and reporting financial performance. Explore project management and strategic analysis and get a firm grip of the fundamental techniques that a business requires to succeed. Understand the importance of leadership and develop your management skills to really ensure that you are well equipped to further your career possibilities. Understand how pricing and budgeting affect the performance of a business. Learn how the learning curve theory and break-even analysis can play an important role in business strategies. Realise how advanced management accounting, financial analysis, retirement benefits, various groups and associates can help you progress in your field. Apply knowledge of marketing, strategic management and environmental analysis, and see how they determine the overall position of a business within its particular industry. Calculate risks and manage them and learn more about the auditing process. Learn short-term and long-term how financial strategy is a fundamental building block for any growing business to build on. Who is it intended for? This course is designed for... [-]

ITIL® Intermediate Level - Operational Support & Analysis (OSA) Training & Exam Package

Online Part time 12 months Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online Langley Marish + 1 more

Improve operational support and analysis by applying the principles taught in the ITIL® Intermediate Operational Support & Analysis (OSA) course and get certified with this training and examination package. [+]

Top Online Courses in Operations Management in Europe. What are the objectives of this course? The ITIL® Operational Support and Analysis course will help students to master the principles included to better analyse and implement operations to meet the business needs of their service users, without negatively affecting other business matters. Planning and executing a cycle of actions to handle system and organisation events. Using pre-planned responses to service incidents with a view to minimising negative effects and delivering satisfactory outcomes. An access management process that protects internal data security. How to meet the demands of service users without compromising other operations and delivering outcomes according to agreed service levels. Service desk management tools and techniques used to record incidents, requests and events and to agree suitable service level agreements. The functions and roles required to build a robust operational support and analysis service and to support each of the previously defined processes. The use of technology to help improve and underpin OSA frameworks and processes. Who is it intended for? The course is for anyone who has the ITIL® Foundation Qualification and wants to further their understanding of the ITIL® framework. The course is ideal for IT professionals who are responsible for configuration management, operations and availability. Roles that would typically fall under this category would be configuration managers, IT operations managers or availability managers. Requirements In order to take the Operational Support and Analysis exam, you must have passed the ITIL® Foundation Examination. There are no pre-requisites to... [-]

Project Director Certification (PRINCE2 & MSP Foundation & Practitioner, Mentor+, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Exam)

Online Part time 12 months Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online Langley Marish + 1 more

Monitor your project management team with expertise and efficiency by gaining the three industry-recognised certifications that will demonstrate your leadership, strategic and organisational skills. [+]

What are the objectives of this course? PRINCE2® Our PRINCE2® course comes including the full syllabus from Axelos, as well as both official examinations for you to achieve Practitioner status: Getting started & Introduction to PRINCE2® Processes SU and IP Processes CS and MP Processes DP, SB & CP Organisation Theme Business Case Theme Risk Theme Plans Theme Quality Theme Change Theme Progress Theme Exam Preparation and Approaches MSP® The package will take you through the course so you have an understanding of the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to programme management. MSP® Introduction and Overview MSP® Framework and Concepts Vision Blueprint Design and Delivery Defining a Programme Planning and Control Benefits Realisation Management Organisation and the Programme Office The Business Case Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement Managing the Tranches Delivering the Capability and Realising the Benefits Quality Management Risk Management and Issue Resolution Closing a Programme Practical Work Exam Approaches and Preparation IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Exam Fully accredited by the IASSC, this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course will give students the necessary knowledge and techniques they need to lead a process improvement team. You will be able to deploy resources and apply the correct methodologies to perform useful statistical experiments to help identify new efficiencies and savings. The Define phase during which projects are outlined, elements of waste are identified and the management decisions required to move forward. The Measure phase which is used to catalogue and analyse existing processes to define... [-]