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Cours en webdesign

Cours en webdesign

January 17, 2017
Cette formation vise à apprendre à maîtriser les logiciels graphiques (Photoshop, Illustrator) et à réaliser des maquettes de sites web. Cette formation s'adresse aux personnes à l'aise avec l'informatique et Internet. Devenez Webdesigner : maîtrisez les logiciels graphiques et réalisez des maquettes de site Web, et préparez la mise en ligne de sites… [+] Web et leur suivi. La formation abordera de nombreuses compétences : design intéractif, Web, mobile, logiciels Photoshop, Illustrator, architecture et ergonomie de sites, conception de projets Web, gestion de contenus, intégration HTML-CSS, les aspects juridiques et la génération de trafic. Les points forts de cette formation sont : des guides et tutoriels permettant l'apprentissage des logiciels, des formateurs disponibles pour répondre aux questions des apprenants par téléphone ou via l'espace élève, des cas pratiques à réaliser à travers les devoirs proposés. Programme Gestion de projet web, Concevoir un site web efficace, Mise en production d’un site web, Apprendre les logiciels de conception graphique, Débuter avec Photoshop, Guide Photoshop 2, Guide Illustrator, Design d’interfaces, Le design interactif 1, Le design interactif 2, Le design d’interfaces, Savoir intégrer des pages web avec HTML et CSS, HTML-CSS Initiation, HTML-CSS : perfectionnement, Le responsive design, Savoir créer un site simple avec WordPress, Les CMS les plus répandus, Créer un site avec WordPress, Optimiser un site pour le référencement, Le référencement naturel SEO, Le référencement SEA Pédagogie Fascicules de cours + tutoriels en ligne + devoirs cas pratiques [-]

Chartered Institute Of Personnel Development (CIPD) Online

CIPD Intermediate Level 5 Certificate in Learning and Development

January 17, 2017
This CIPD Intermediate Level 5 Certificate programme aims to provide delegates with the most up to date learning and development (L&D) skills in order to transform the L&D within their organisations.

NewSchool of Architecture and Design

Summer Programs - Design

January 11, 2017
Two week integrative design program that explores design in California. Students will explore how California design is defined by studying their cultures, lifestyle and industries (such as surfing, snowboarding, entertainment industry and startups).

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What are Online Studies?

Online studies are designed for students whose scheduling commitments would otherwise make it difficult to enroll in a full-time higher education program. Offered for individual courses, diplomas, associate’s degrees and certificate programs, online studies are a valuable option. The resulting qualification a graduate receives after successfully completing online studies is the same as a graduate from a full-time on campus program would receive. State of the art e-learning technology makes it more feasible than ever to succeed in online studies, whether in courses, certification, diplomas or a degree.

What are the benefits of taking online studies?

Online study can be beneficial in many ways. In addition to providing the knowledge, skills and qualifications that come with completing a course, certificate, diploma or degree, online programs provide crucial flexibility. Working professionals can enroll in online courses without sacrificing pay by making their study schedule suit their work schedule. Students with care-giving or other responsibilities also have doors open to them when they choose to study online. Finally, it is also possible to live anywhere in the world while studying at the academic institution of choice, as online study negates the need to travel to campus regularly. What do we study in online studies?

There are online studies programs in most specializations in every academic discipline. Online courses, degrees, certificate programs and diplomas are offered by universities, community colleges and technical schools around the world. Students can enroll in online studies in any of the following disciplines: • the Arts, • Humanities, • Natural Sciences, • Social Sciences, • and applied sciences such as Business or Law. Within those disciplines there are lots of online studies programs to choose from. Whether the goal is to complete a course over a few months, or to take an associate’s degree program for at least two years, there are online programs for just about any area of study.

What kind of career improvement can you expect with online studies?

Upon graduation from an online course, program, or degree, graduates can immediately notice a difference in their career prospects. Higher education, whether in the form of a diploma, certificate, degree or course, helps individuals reach their career goals. Employers recognize online studies graduates as having the same level of developed skill and professional knowledge as those who have graduated from on campus programs. Often, graduates from online studies programs have better chances at obtaining a job, promotion or pay increase than those without education beyond secondary school.

How much does it cost to take an online degree?

The costs of an online degree, course, diploma or certification program vary widely. The tuition will depend on the course, subject, school and country. It is important to get information directly from the university, community college or technical school offering the online program for tuition rates. Using the contact form on this website, you can request more information from the school about costs of taking an online study program.

Why take an online degree?

There are several distinctive benefits to taking online courses and degree programs. It allows flexibility around a busy schedule, results in the same qualification as an on campus program, and delivers a quality education experience. Additionally, online students may find that their communication skills improve as they have more direct contact with their teachers and peers via forums, web-conferencing, email and more. Learn more about online studies and search for the right program for you!