An Itinerary from Classical Past to Future

The present course “An Itinerary from Classical Past to Future: The City & the Theatre” is a journey in Greek history and civilization, seen through the prism of the classical city-state and ancient theatre. We start by learning about the city, including its development, structure and how the buildings were developed in the urban center and lastly the complexity of its architecture.

Further on, the lessons extend to the decisive role of religion in the Greek political life, where Gods and Heroes play a particular role in all the decisions taken for common activity and life. Gladly, we have full access to their daily life routine and their community values, due to vases, sculptures, written sources and other archaeological finds that provide us all the necessary details. Last but not least the course gives us a chance to examine how many of the lifestyles of ancient Greeks survive with stunning continuity in modern society.

In this online course, the participant has access to a unit that fully explains the importance of the Ancient Greek Theatre and how several performances transit into the contemporary Greek and European stages, the process of recomposing a theatrical event and in conclusion how Ancient Greek drama is performed in modern times. All of the above will be analyzed further and in detail in this online course part of the Arts and Culture category. After successfully completing the lessons, the participant will receive a training certificate while acquiring a magnificent one time experience.

Participant Profile

This programme is addressed to anyone with an interest in archaeology and particularly in the formation of the ancient Greek city-state.It also concerns everyone with a particular interest in ancient theatre and ancient Greek civilization in general.

Programme Aims

The ancient Greek city-state appears to be the environment where classical civilization was born and flourished. Theatre was the highest artistic expression of the time. Today, references to classical civilization can be traced in a number of fields, ranging from the organization and administration of the city to cultural and entertainment events.

The programme "An Itinerary from Classical Past to Future: The City and the Theatre" aims to introduce, through the major Greek monuments, the development and structure of ancient Greek life in coherent units, namely the city-state, the development of democracy in theory and in practice, and the creation of classical civilization. It also analyses ancient Greek religion and theatre, which played a major role in everyday life. Alongside, this programme aims to provide an overview of the staging practice of ancient Greek drama in the Greek and European theatre.

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Last updated May 2, 2019
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