An Itinerary from Classical Past to Future

Classical Greece is considered to be the influential culture which is linked with the foundation of modern Western culture and stands as the substructure of Western civilization. A great number of ideas and practices that were conceived and elaborated during the Classical era, continue to play an important role in modern life. Vases, sculptures, written sources and other archaeological finds were the ultimate source that provided all the stages of their life and a fully detailed description of the ancient Greek citizen and that seems to be just one out of many reasons to find the ancient Greek culture so mesmerizing.

This online course aims to acquaint participants with the "core" of classical civilization, which is the foundation of western culture, through monuments by introducing the concepts of the ideal citizen, democracy, and philosophical thought as reflected theoretically and practically in ancient Greek religion.

Through the course, the participant can familiarize with the development and structure of ancient Greek life in coherent units, namely the city-state, with the birth of democracy and how it was applied to the existing regime and at last with the creation of classical civilization. All of the above will be analyzed further and in detail in this online course part of the Arts and Culture category. After successfully completing the lessons, the participant will receive a training certificate.

Participant Profile

This programme is addressed to anyone with an interest in archaeology and particularly in the formation of the ancient Greek city-state.

Programme Aims

How modern is our past? What was the ancient Greek city-state and what is its legacy? Where was democracy born? Are ancient Greek myths fairy tales or there is a grain of truth in them? Why did theatre resonate so much with people, and still does? Where are the best places in Greece to get to know the character and spirit of an ancient civilization?

The programme "An Itinerary from Classical Past to Future: The City" aims to introduce, through the major Greek monuments, the development and structure of ancient Greek life in coherent units, namely the city-state, the development of democracy in theory and in practice, and the creation of classical civilization. It also analyses ancient Greek religion, which played a major role in everyday life.

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Last updated May 2, 2019
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